Family Tree

How to Setup Your Very Own Family Tree

You're probably not related to royalty or have any famous multimillionaires within your family, but creating your very own family tree is both a fun and interesting project that can be easily achieved with the excellent and free My Family Tree.

My Family Tree is a simple program that easily allows you to register names, so you can set up your own family tree. Whether it's your grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins or nephews, you can easily create a comprehensive background of yourself and your entire family.

Free for Windows

My Family Tree runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and 10.

Select My Family Tree if you have 32-bit Windows, or My Family Tree (x64) if you have 64-bit Windows. You can also choose to download the language pack if English is not your first language.

During the installation process, you can select if program can connect to the internet. The purpose is to update the software, if an update is available.

You can choose to activate the network connection, so that the software can take advantage of resources on the Internet.

Create your own family tree

After installing the My Family Tree program, you get a choice to create a new tree. It is this window you get every time you start My Family Tree Software. You can also choose to open another window than your own (or create more than one tree).

Family Tree Software

And then you can enter the first name in the family tree. Click Add when this is done. You can edit this later, so don't worry if you haven't got the names or dates of birth just right.

Adding a family member's name and date of birth

When you are finished, and click Add which brings up a new window:

Viewing the family members name and detailed you have entered

This allows you to add, delete or modify information about this individual.

Once you have added the first person in the family tree, you may want to save it. This can be done via File and Save As. Here you can select All people and then save the file with a name that you decide. You can access this file when you run up My Family Tree next time.

Expand Family History

You can add new people, thus expanding your family tree via Create Relationship.

Here you'll see a drop down menu that can be used to select a relationship with the person who is already in place on the family tree.

It may be the father, mother, spouse, son, daughter, or not related. 

Ready-made family tree

You can download a ready-made family tree to see what it might look like. You can find such examples at This example shows the ancestors of the British royal family:

Ready-made family tree