Autorun Organizer

Speed up the Start-Up Time of Your PC with Autorun Organizer

An important area that determines how fast your PC is the start-up, and number of programs that start while it loads up. There are many programs that give you control over your start-up programs and one of the best is Autorun Organizer that offers a user-friendly and viable alternative.

Provides better performance

One of the measures for a faster PC is to remove all unnecessary programs in start-up. This can do wonders, if you have never done this before. As time goes by you will inevitably start adding new software programs to your PC, and many of these will start to load up as your PC does, but this is often completely unnecessary. In fact, there's only a very small of number programs that actually need to start during start-up, such as your antivirus software and drivers which make your PC function, et cetera. The rest can quite easily start-up if and when you need them, by simply clicking on the icon on your desktop.

Autorun Organizer

There are many programs that can prevent unwanted software programs from starting up, but Autorun Organizer is one of our favourites and very user-friendly.

Autorun Organizer main menu

The program displays a list of startup programs under "Startup Application."

You should not really delete a program, unless you are absolutely sure that you do not need the program to start. What you should do is to disable the program temporarily ("Temporary disable"). This can always be under later, if you think this is not such a good idea - by just removing the checkmark.

Delaying the load time of a Windows program

You can also choose to delay a program ("Delay load for 45 seconds") or you can remove the program from the start ("Remove")

Delaying one of the programs, can reduce the burden on Windows, just after login. This may be programs that Windows does not need to start normally, for example, some third-party applications, ie applications that are not made by Microsoft.

If you are unsure what a program actually does, you can right-click the program and select "Search the Internet" to examine the application further.

The "Recent System Load Times", shows some examples of how fast Windows start-up has been in recent days for your computer.

You can also enable a feature that shows how popular programs are, via "Enable displaying the startup applications Popularity?', but you must agree that your data will be sent to Autorun Organizer servers.

Graph showing how long a program takes to load

It's really a case of experimenting with Autorun Organizer and seeing which programs you need and don't need and how it makes a difference to your PC start-up time. I recommended you backup your important files before experimenting with this software and make a restore point, just in case anything goes wrong.


Autorun Organizer can be downloaded completely free from their official website. It supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.