Start Menu in Windows 8

How to Get Back the Start Menu in Windows 8

Missing the start menu in Windows 8? You're not alone, but thankfully there is a simple solution.

Classic Shell is nothing new, but has been very popular after the launch of Windows 8. This program gives you more control over the interface.

The program provides a collection of features that are available in previous versions of Windows, but that has been removed in newer versions of Windows. You can with this program get back and customize the Start menu, good news for users of Windows 8.

Very easy to use

Classic Shell is perhaps the easiest way to get back the Start menu in Windows 8, as you get back the Start menu after installing the application, without having to configure any additional software.

Classic Shell

You just need to click the OK button to choose the "Windows 7 Style", which is the default option.

Want to change this at a later date then you can run "Classic Start Menu Setting" from the Start menu, All Programs, Classic Shell. You will then see this same window after installation, and can change options, if you want it.

Classic Shell gives you a Start menu that looks more like the traditional menu in Windows 7. You get easy access to Windows Update, Applications, Documents, Settings (including the Control Panel), Run, End and a search window. You also get an opportunity to customize the Start menu, if you want to.

The selections in Classic Shell is searchable, making it easier to find what you are looking for. Furthermore, you get new features with Classic Shell, including the ability to configure Explorer, IE, and Start menu.

You also get the ability to add shortcuts to the software on the Start menu directly with Explorer (right-click). You can also get back the classic Explorer interface, if you do not like the version in Windows 8.


Classic Shell can be downloaded completely free from the official website – The program supports both Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, but it does not support Windows Vista, or older versions of Windows.