Vivaldi Web Browser

Vivaldi Is a Very Impressive Internet Web Browser

It's unusual to come across a comprehensive web browser that wasn't developed by a team based in the USA. The only other successful browser developed outside of the United States was Opera, and now the former founder is back with a new one called Vivaldi.

Vivaldi is a web browser that was created by former Opera founder Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner. The reason that Jon has created a completely new browser is that he was not satisfied with the progress of the Opera browser.

Jon believes Opera has strayed away from the original vision of Opera, which was to create a browser with many useful features.

The target audience for Vivalidi browser is primarily those who are very tech savvy and people who want more features and a flexible browser.

If you want a browser with lots of fun features, you should definitely try Vivaldi.

The browser

The vision of developers was to bring as many features as possible to the browser. The browser must also be flexible, in the sense and the user will be able to arrange it to his or hers liking.

Many unique features

The aim of Vivaldi is having features that many of the other browsers do not have. These are some of the features that Vivaldi browser has or which is scheduled to get:

  • Flexibility. You can in several ways tailor Vivaldi for your needs. This includes adjusting the appearance via the Vivaldi icon in the top left of the browser. Here you can select Tools, Settings, and you will bring up a window with several options. You can place panels and toolbars where you want.
  • Toolbar at the bottom. At the bottom of the browser window you can find various useful tools. Here you can adjust the size of fonts on websites. You can also choose to remove the images from a website, which means that the website only shows text. Furthermore, you can perform different actions and filters on a website.
  • Left Panel. Here you get access to useful features such as bookmarks, search function, contacts, e-mail function, downloads and notes. You can place them in the right panel if you want. This is done via the Vivaldi icon in the top left, and select Tools and Settings.
  • Tabs. One objective of  Vivaldi is to offer one of the best tab features of any browser. This includes the ability to organize and stack tabs.
  • Several sites in the same window. With Vivaldi its possible to display two or more sites in the same browser window. The intention is that it should be easier to compare sites, or to get a better overview.
  • Notes. You can write notes directly in the browser, so you remember what you are looking for when surfing the web. The notes can both contain text, screenshots, and any other things you want. Notes can be organized so that they are easy to find later.
  • E-mail client. Vivaldi has not yet received an integrated e-mail client, but this feature is coming. This will enable you to use the browser to receive, read and send emails.


Vivaldi can be downloaded for free from their official website – This browser is still in its testing phase, and has not yet launched as a full version.