Choosing the Right Tablet PC

Choosing the Right Tablet PC

Here you get all the information you need when buying a Tablet PC.

The main characteristics of a Tablet

These are the main characteristics you should emphasize when buying a tablet.

Operating System

One of the first and most important things you must decide is which operating system to choose. Operating systems will come in the form of iOS (Apple), Android or Windows. If you are not familiar with the operating systems feel free to experiment in the shop, or read some reviews and find out what you think you would be most comfortable with. It might also be a good idea to check out how many apps are available for each system and which ones will benefit you.


When it comes to networking, you have two options. You can choose a tablet that only has wireless network, but you can also choose a model that supports your SIM card, and thus be able to use mobile 3G and 4G networks. The latter will be very useful for you if you like to use a tablet on the go, or want to use it when on holiday, et cetera.


The screen is naturally very important part of a Tablet. The size is an important factor, in addition to the resolution - the latter is especially important if you plan to watch movies on the tablet. If you plan to showcase your tablet with others, it is also important everybody can see the screen well from several angles. Everything you do on your tablet is done with a touch screen, so it is also wise to check if you are comfortable with a touchscreen and how its feature works.

Size and weight

The size and weight totally depends on what you feel comfortable with. If you're going to be using it when travelling a lot, then a small tablet takes very little space for example, and will also be lighter to carry than a larger model. If you plan to watch a lot of movies a bigger model be a better choice simply because you get a much more enjoyable viewing experience on a larger screen.

Design and ergonomics

Here it is mostly about personal taste and how you like the look of different models. But you should also test out how it feels when you are in the store, so you can find out if you are comfortable with the size and weight etc.




Storage capacity is also a factor you should consider. It is common to have from 8GB to 256GB of storage, and how much storage space you actually need totally depends on your needs. Should you store a lot of photos, movies, or intend to download many apps and games, you should naturally choose a tablet with a good storage capacity.



A rule of thumb is that you certainly should be able to surf the net for eight hours before having to recharge the battery on a tablet PC. But here the focus is to check what the manufacturers say about the battery life on their machines and then consider if it suits your needs. Battery life will depend on whether you are going to do demanding task like playing games, or if you just intend on doing simple things like surfing the World Wide Web.


If you have made up your mind as to which is the right Tablet PC for you, please visit our dedicated Tablet PC page.