Here Are 15 of the Best Photo Apps for Free

Here Are 15 of the Best Photo Apps for Free

You've taken a great digital picture, but it needs a bit of spicing up. For that, you'll need some photo editing software, but you're not too keen on expensive options such as Adobe Photoshop. Fear not, as there is an abundance of great photo editing software programs available as a free download.

Free and full substitute for Photoshop Elements. contains much of what you find in more expensive programs. It offers a layout many will recognize from the Photoshop series, just with few shortcomings compared to expensive photo software.

Download Paint here.


Photo program Gimp is easy to get started with, despite the fact that the program is both sophisticated and extensive. The program is now in version 2.4 and many argue that this photography program is at least as advanced as Photoshop. Try it yourself.

Download Gimp here.


Picasa is a free program to organize your images and also offers some simple editing functions. Picasa is owned by Google and in familiar style is free. The most obvious application to compare with Picasa is Windows Photo Gallery, included in Windows. Picasa is also an excellent program to share images with friends and acquaintances.

Download Picasa here.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Easy and intuitive photo gallery with simple editing functions. You can organize, show and share your photos (via Windows Live Space) with friends and acquaintances.

Download Windows Live Photo Gallery here.


Would you like to put multiple images together to form a panoramic view? Then why not try Hugin.

Download Hugin here.


3D tools that can be used to create films like Finding Nemo, if you have the time and skills. An absolutely stunning free program that provides what mostly expensive program like 3D Studio Max offer.

Download Blender here.

Irfan View

A very simple image program that offers many features that PC users encounter in everyday life, such as email sending, preview, edit, capture screen shots, colour balance, slide shows and more. There are also a number of additional applications that can be installed.

Download Infan View here.


A small and simple program that helps you reduce large digital photos to formats that make it easier to send via e-mail or for publishing on the Internet.

Download PIXresizer here.


This 3-D programming program is relatively easy to use, unlike other 3D applications. Especially good to make 3D versions of sketches. Used for 3D buildings in Google Earth.

Download SketchUp here.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This is a web-based program from Adobe. The program is a scaled down version of Photoshop. The program still has a number of features that are helpful for common PC users, such as red-eye removal, image sharpening and more. In addition, you can send the link of the pictures to friends and acquaintances. They can see the images without having to log on Adobe Photoshop Express. You get 2GB of storage at Adobe when you register. The images can also be used on your blog or on your profile on Facebook.

Download Adobe Photoshop Express here.


This is the free version of a pay program, but still offers a number of features to create artistic variations of ordinary pictures. As the name indicates, there are a number of filters for this application. There are also a number of additional applications you can install for increased functionality.

Download PhotoFiltre here.


Free alternative to Photoshop Elements and Paint. Easy-to-use program with many features, filters and additionally supports for many file formats.

Download PaintStar here.

Pivot Stickfigure Animator

An animation program if you want to animate stick figures. A fun program.

Download Picot Stickfigure Animator here.


A small and simple program that scales down images so they can be sent in e-mail or via instant messaging. Can reduce the size of entire folders or individual images.

Download EzThumbs here.


Increasingly more of what we do with our pictures, we do on the Internet. They are shared on Facebook, Flickr or other sites, or sent by e-mail to friends and acquaintances. The image editor Picnik is a kind of extended arm to these sites. Most are free, but some features you need to pay to use.

Download Picnik here.