Choosing the Right Projector

Choosing the Right Projector

Are you in the market for your first or perhaps a new projector? If that's the case your probably wondering which one is the correct one for you.

In today's market there are essentially three different types of projectors on the market and below is a brief review of the main advantages and disadvantages of each type.


This projection type is firstly the least expensive option over the other two, in addition to that it is considerably more friendly when it comes to placement of the projector in your room. The downside is that it has poorer black levels and lower contrast than DLP and LCOS projectors.


This projection type is very compact and many models are available at very reasonable prices. You also don't get gridlines that you often get with LCD and the overall picture quality is excellent with sharp images. The disadvantage is what is called the rainbow effect (RGB flicker), which is a colour interference that some may experience with DLP projectors.


With LCOS you get a very high resolution, and avoid having a pixelated image. It also produces good contrast, and there is no rainbow effect to speak of. The major drawback with LCOS projects, is that you can expect to pay up to twice as much compared to the other two types.

The main characteristics of a Projector

These are the qualities you should look for when buying a projector.

Location Friendliness

It is wise to look at how flexible the projector is and where it needs to be placed in the room for an optimal viewing experience. Factors that are essential for this include the lens angle function.


There should be at least one HDMI input on the projector, so you can connected it to DVD/Blu-Ray player.


There are essentially two resolutions on the market today, that being 1280 x 720 (HDTV) and 1920 x 1080 (Full-HD). The price difference isn't that great for the 2 different types, so you may always want opt for full HD resolution.

Brightness and contrast

If the brightness level is poor, it may be difficult to see, unless you have very good control of the light in the room where the projector is placed. With a high contrast ratio, you get better black levels and it is easier to see the detail in dark scenes, so you should certainly investigate how good the contrast level on the projector is before buying.


It costs a lot of money to buy a new projector lamp, therefore it is an advantage to choose a projector that has a lamp with a long life. A big problem here is that lamps don't necessary last as long as the manufacturers claim, meaning you may have to replace them before the estimated time.

If you have made up your mind, as to which is the correct projector for you, why not visit our dedicated projector page.