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How to Gain Fast and Easy Access to All Your Favourite Programs in Windows 10

A new operating system from Microsoft is always welcome, but one of the biggest issues, is that people often find that their favourite programs and no longer located where they previously were.

If you have recently upgraded to Windows 10 your probably scratching on your head and just wondering where those programs are located and how you can gain fast and easy access to them.

If you've upgraded from Windows 8/8.1, things are not a great deal different in Windows 10, but Windows 7 users may find it a bit daunting and confusing at first. Though the start menu makes a welcome return is not quite the same as it was in Windows 7 or previous versions before that.

So Just Where Are My Favourite Programs Located?

Don't fear Windows 10 is a lot easier to use than Windows 8/8.1. If you want to gain access to your favourite programs, simply click on the Windows icon (that's a white little box) in the left and corner of your desktop screen.

Once you click on it, you will be given a menu which will look something like this.

From there you can select "All Apps" which will then give you an alphabetic list of all the programs installed on your computer.


If for example you wanted to select and open one of your favourite programs that are built into Windows, such as "WordPad" simply scroll down to the letter W and then select "Windows Accessories" where you will then see WordPad located. Simply left click to open.

However, you may be wondering, do I have to go through the Windows menu and select "all apps" every time I want to select and use one of my favourite programs in Windows 10? The short answer is no.

If there is a program you use every single time you turn on your computer and you want fast and easy access to it, this is what you have to do.

Go back and click on the Windows icon and select "all apps" and find the program to which you want fast access to.

Once you have found the program you want to use, simply right click on it, and you will be given a number of options.

Options that we are interested will include:

  • Pin to start
  • Pin to taskbar
  • Open file location

Pin to start allows you to add the selected program to the start menu, which is accessible every time you click the Windows icon and will appear on the right-hand side inside the start menu.

Pin to taskbar will pin the selected program to the taskbar, which is located at the bottom of your desktop. This is probably the quickest and easiest method of selecting a program.

Open file location will allow you to open the file location and from there you can right click on the program (example WordPad), and select Send To > Desktop (create shortcut). The program will now be located on your desktop for easy access.

That is basically how you find and gain easy access to your favourite programs in Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 10.