I've Accidentally Turned off My Precise Touchpad in Windows 10

I've Accidentally Turned off My Precise Touchpad in Windows 10

Help! I've accidentally turned off my precise touchpad in Windows 10, and I cannot get it to work again, what should I do?

If you recently bought a new laptop or other computer device using Windows 10 it properly comes with a precise touchpad, which gives you more options over older touchpads.

Older touchpads usually came with their own software, such as synaptics, which allows you to adjust the touchpad settings.

However, some newer computers running on either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 do not need independent software for the touchpad to function as these settings are built into Windows itself.

Just like any person with a new computer, you've probably been exploring Windows 10 and its many settings, and that's where you've accidentally turned off the precise touchpad, and now it will not work at all, even though you have pressed every key on the keyboard.

Don't fear, as it is not difficult to get the precise touchpad working again within 30 seconds.

Where Do I Find the Precise Touchpad Settings?

The precise touchpad settings can be found in "settings" which is accessible by clicking on the Windows icon in the bottom left-hand corner of your desktop screen.

Once you have clicked on settings, a new screen should open where you should see several options. The one we are interested in is named "Devices" with several sub options including Bluetooth, printers and mouse.

Windows 10 menu

But My Touchpad Doesn't Work, How Am I Supposed to Access These Options?

To access these options using your keyboard, simply press the Windows icon which is usually located on the bottom left hand side of the keyboard. Once you press the Windows icon button, a new window should open where you should be able to select "settings" by using the arrow keys, which are usually located just below the enter and shift button on the right-hand side of the keyboard.

Arrow keys on a keyboard

Once you have navigated across to "Devices" using the keyboard hit enter to open a new window.

Windows 10 touchpad menu

From there, scroll down to "Mouse & touchpad" using the arrow keys on your keyboard and hit enter.

Unfortunately, you can't just use the right arrow key to move across and turn the touchpad back on. But don't fear as all you simply have to do is type in "touchpad" on your keyboard which should then be displayed in the search box in the top right-hand corner.

Turn the touchpad on or off option within Windows 10 menu

Once you have typed touchpad, you should be presented with several options. The one were interested in is called "turn the touchpad on or off".

Hit enter to select the "turn the touchpad on" settings and then hit the right arrow key which should turn the touchpad back on.

Turn the touchpad on or off option within Windows 10 menu

That is basically it. If you do accidentally turn the touchpad off again simply follow these instructions and you should be back up and working within 30 seconds.