Share Your Pictures Easily with Google Photos

Share Your Pictures Easily with Google Photos

Let's be honest, there's no point in taking stunning photographs if you can't share them.

Thankfully, there are numerous websites where you can upload and share your photos with friends and family online.

However, many of these have a small file limit or required to pay a monthly or yearly fee to upload your photos.

If you're like me and hate paying for anything, then Google Photos may very well be the dream service for you.

Google Photos is not just user-friendly and free, but you also get unlimited storage for your photos. Happy days!

Google also offers apps for Android and iOS, which makes it easy to use the service on smartphones and tablets, in addition to Windows PC users.

The service is separate from Google+, but you still get access to the web edition of Google Photo via the Google+ website.

You must register to use the service, but if you already have a Google account of any kind, then naturally, there's no need to register as you can login with this.

You can access Google Photos at the following link –

Share with Ease

Google has launched shared albums that will make it easier to share photos with friends and acquaintances.

The only thing you need to do to use the new feature is to select the images and then create an album and simply send the link to people you want to share the album with. Once you have shared an album, the person who received the album can also add their own images to the same album.

Unlimited Storage (For Now, Anyway)

You get unlimited storage for photos and videos, but Google has set a limit of 16 megapixels for individual photos and 1080p for individual videos. If the image is larger than this it will not be blocked, but compressed automatically, to make it smaller.

Why Should You Use Google Photos?

Google Photo is primarily designed for those who take a lot of pictures, and is a simple and fast way to share your photos online. And since it's free, you cannot knock the service.

Google Photos is not designed for photographers who are only interested in high quality images with the ability for advanced editing options. Adobe Lightroom is a far better option for those who are seeking such services.

Google Drive and Google Photos

You can view and manage your images in both Google Photos and Google Drive. You can also create a Google Photos folder in My Disk folder to organize your pictures into folders. You can get an overview of your storage quota on

Download Google Photo Apps

Google also offers apps that allows you to transfer your photos to Google Photos. You can also find software for PCs that allows you to backup your photos and save them to Google Photos. For apps visit


The choices offered in the Google Photos interface are as followed. You can access these on the left side of the interface:

This will show fun things which are automatically created from your pictures, and helps you to keep track of things.

Naturally, this gives you a view of all your photos you have uploaded.

Summary of your photo collections, ie albums, movies et cetera.

Shared albums
Here is a list of albums you've shared.

Photos you've deleted from Google Photos.

  • Settings
    This option gives you access to options for Google Photos. By default, you get unlimited storage with the free version, but it will compresses your pictures automatically. You can choose to upload your photos at full size, but this is only available as a paid option.
  • Help and Feedback
    You can access a database of questions and answers. You can use this option if you have questions or if you are having trouble using Google Photos.
  • App downloads
  • Download apps for Windows, android devices and iOS.

Create photo albums

You can use Google Photos to create photo albums with your photos. You get an overview of your collections (albums, movies, story) via the left menu in Google Photos window. You can create photo albums via the plus icon on the right side of the search window.

Search Feature

Google Photo has a search function that is actually pretty good. Once you start typing something in the search box, you get suggestions, which, if correct, can make your life a lot easier.

Edit your photos

The app comes with basic editing functions. Click on one image and then tap the Edit photo icon in the top right of the browser window. You can partly edit the light and colour. You can use a colour filter and you can crop and rotate the image. You also have an AUTO button, that automatically adjusts images with one click.

Backing up your photos

You have the ability to backup your Google Photos. You can do this with their own tools for mobile, tablet and PC. You can find these tools on

Share your photos

You can easily share your Google Photos with anyone, even with people who do not have the Google Photo app.

Hold the mouse pointer over a picture you want to share and click the check mark in the upper left corner. Once you have selected all the photos you want to share, click the Share Photos icon at the top right. Now you can choose a social network, or you can get a link that can be shared anywhere, such as in an email.

If you going to share your photos from your mobile or tablet, this process is even easier. You can simply click and drag with your finger to select the photos you want to share.

Send videos directly to YouTube

You can send Google Photos videos, directly to YouTube. You can activate this option via