Recommended Pages and Products

Recommended Pages and Products

Wondering where to start on our website? Don't worry, we have compiled a short but simple list of recommended pages and products. Simply click on one of the links and you will be taken to the desired page where you can find information, products for sale and help guides.

Video and Action Cameras

Action cameras are very small, robust and film in brilliant quality, mostly in Full-HD, or even in ultra-high resolution (UHD or 4k). With special fixings you can attach the action camera to a helmet, clothing or other items of your choice. Simple controls result in easy operation. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth lets you connect to your PC or smartphone, enabling you to post videos and photos of the action online.

Compact Cameras

Compact cameras are very small and fit into any jacket or trouser pocket. Therefore, they are ideal to carry with you at all times, whether you are at a party, on vacation or for everyday use. However, there is one small drawback compared to system or SLR cameras, as they are not capable of taking the same high quality photographs. But don't let that put you off as all modern compact digital cameras are quite capable of taking quality photographs that suit the needs of the amateur photographer.

SLR Digital Cameras

Because SRL digital cameras have a larger sensor they are able to produce better images than compact or bridge cameras, even though they are sometimes equipped with fewer megapixels. Some of them have a sensor, which corresponds to the size of the film image of an analog SLR camera. SLRs are generally used by professional, but are also popular with newcomers to photography. In addition, users of these digital cameras have a multitude of lenses available to perfect and increase image quality. In some cases, many modern cameras are even compatible with lenses that are over 30 years old, so the photographer can use their older equipment.

Tablet PCs

A few years ago Tablets were extremely bulky devices, that had little or no future in the technology world. However, with the introduction of the Apple iPad Tablet computers have totally reinvented themselves. The screen size decreased to a manageable 10 inches, weight was drastically reduced and performance increased, enabling you to do many of the things you would normally do on a high-end desktop computer or laptop. At the same time unnecessary things like optical drives were thrown overboard. Other computer and mobile phone manufacturers quickly jumped on the Tablet PC train, offering a greater and more affordable choice, with operating systems in the form of Google's Android and Microsoft Windows.


There are now countless types of laptops/notebooks, some of which clearly differ in design and performance. Entry-level ones can cost less than £300 while gaming laptops can be as high as £1500 or more. They can come with screens from 10 to 17+ inches and weigh no more than a few pounds. Laptops now come with a very impressive battery life (up to 8 hours or more), making them the perfect travelling companion. But beware, as your battery life will be dramatically reduced if you are running high demanding software or games. Laptops are perfect for surfing the Internet, viewing photos, editing documents and pretty much anything you used to do on your big and bulky desktop PC.


TVs are for ever evolving. The CRT TVs have long been abandoned in favor of the flat screen TV, which are now available in various different types. LCD televisions are made of liquid crystals, and are the cheapest option of all flat-panel TVs. The plasma TV is ideal for viewing cinema films because it provides excellent picture quality, but come at a much higher price than that of the LCD. LED TVs are now the most commonly sold televisions that come packed with the latest technology, and deliver fantastic image quality. All flatscreen TVs deliver HD quality in either 720p or 1080p, but now 4K Ultra High Definition televisions are steadily entering the TV market and will eventually replace the so-called full 1080p HD TVs.


Smartphones are the most versatile of all mobile phones - as they can do a lot more than just make telephone calls. Instead, most smartphones are like small mobile computers. Some smartphones pack so many features that they are now considered as a replacement for the laptop, with the ability to surf the Internet and even watch HD movies. The unique feature of the smartphone is their intelligent operating system that allows you to install apps as well as a wide-range of personal settings. Another very popular aspect is the ability to customize the interface of the operating system to your personal taste and needs. Thus, the start menu can be equipped with the most frequently used features, and those that you don't want or need can be removed.


Antivirus software is a must for anyone using a Windows PC. There are so many different ways for virus programs to infect computers, it is simply no longer possible to just be careful on the World Wide Web. You have two choices; either buy a complete security package for a fee generally under £30, or if you do not require so much protection such as a firewall, and online banking protection you can try one of the many free antivirus available. Even though free antivirus programs do not cost anything that does not necessarily mean they are bad, in fact, they do offer a good deal of protection for those who are just general Internet users.


Whether you are looking for a pair of headphones to accompany you while you exercise, or for just relaxing at home, Viral Tech offers a wide selection that will suit your needs. Today headphones don't just deliver great digital HD sound but have become a full-fledged fashion accessory, and manufacturers are forever releasing funky designs in bold colours. Many modern headphones now come equipped with Bluetooth technology allow you to use them completely wirelessly. This is very handy if you listen to music outdoors, or want to use them why you're playing your favourite sports game. And don't worry about battery life as they can offer up to 10 hours of continuous use before they need recharging.

Printers and Scanners

Modern printers and scanners work faster, make less noise and and produce high-quality prints. Manufacturers now often offer two types of cartridges to choose from: normal and XL, which is a larger ink cartridge that will last longer. So if you have a rather old printer with expensive ink cartridges perhaps it's time to choose a new and modern printer. Not only it will cost you less in cartridges, but will deliver higher quality prints than your old machine.

Hard Drives and USB Storage

If you have many large files on your computer or would like to back them up regularly, then an external hard drive or USB memory stick is absolutely essential. At Viral Tech, we have a wide selection of hard drives and USB memory sticks from various manufacturers. Our selection includes external hard drives, internal hard drives, server hard drives and the brand-new solid-state drives with blazing fast speeds. Hard drives are so small these days you can easily fit them in your pocket and carry them with you where ever you go.

Software Downloads

One of the major advantages of the Windows operating system is that there are computer programs that cover most needs. And I'm not just talking a paid programs, but ones which are completely free to download. It is thus possible to have software programs from good office applications to image and video editing applications and even games - without it costing you a single penny. In our software download section, we have selected some of the finest free programs that are available today. Remember, you should always read read licensing agreement from the publishers and be careful that extra add-ons are not being installed which you don't need.