How to Create a Dead Zone on a Precise Touchpad

If you bought a new laptop recently, the chances are it comes with one of these oversized precise touchpad's.

These are slightly different from a normal touchpad as they contain no left or right key. Instead, you can click almost anywhere on the pad to activate the left or right key. You can even double tap with 2 fingers to activate right click.

However, these oversized precise touchpad's are quite difficult to get used to, especially if you're used to resting one or more fingers on the left key on an old touchpad. You can (on my laptop anyway) rest one finger on the left-hand side of the touchpad and use one of your right fingers to move the pointer around. The problem here is though, as soon as you rest 2 fingers on the left-hand side and try to move the pointer around with a right hand finger, the touchpad will not function at all.

Despite looking high and low in the touchpad settings within Windows 10, there is no option to create a dead zone so you can rest 2 or more fingers. Nor can I find any third-party software that allows you to do this.

There is, thankfully, a very, very simple way to create a dead zone on the left-hand side (or wherever you like) on your touchpad with very minimal effort and cost.

To do this we will will be using a thin strip of Hook & Loop Tape, more commonly known as Velcro tape. You can buy a 20 cm strip of this stuff on eBay for £1.50 including delivery, you can also pick it up from any multipurpose store.

The reason will be using Hook & Loop Tape is because its thin and won't protrude from the touchpad itself and can be easily attached with its sticky back. It's also available in many different colours, so if you have a white laptop you can buy white tape and it won't look out of place. It can also easily be removed if you decide.

Now, when it comes to the tape itself we are actually only interested in the loop, not the hook, which is rough to the touch and won't be very pleasant on your fingers. The loop side of the tape is very soft to touch and won't hurt or irritate your fingers.

Now you don't need to be a genius to work out what to do next. All you need to do is to cut a piece of the soft sided Hook & Loop Tape and carefully place it in your desired location (usually the bottom left-hand corner). I have a piece that is roughly 5 x 2 cm and it works perfectly for me, and is still holding strong after several months of use.

Soft sided hook and loop tape on a laptop touchpad

Can I Use Another Material like Insulation Tape?

No, I've tried this and it will not create a dead zone unless you build up several layers of insulation tape until it stops register your finger movements. This will not only look stupid and untidy, but is also time-consuming. Hook & Loop Tape seems to be the perfect match, as it's not too thick that it looks unnatural or affects the functionality of your laptop, but thick enough that it prevents your fingers from being registered on the touchpad.

If you do decide to remove the soft sided Hook & Loop tape do it gently, while putting pressure on the pad to prevent any damage.