Can't Remove Ads from Blogger or Other Web 2.0 Blog

You've added ads to your blogspot blog a while ago, but now you can't see the option to remove or change them. Don't worry, there's probably a very simple solution to this.

Blogger or blogspot, is owned by Google and is a free blogging platform that anybody can sign up to and start blogging for free. You have the ability to use your own domain name or a free subdomain such as Blogger has a host of features including the ability to add your own ads whether it's Google's own AdSense or from a 3rd party.

Adding ads to blogger is a fairly simple task, such as adding some HTML code via the "layout" menu and selecting "add a Gadget" to the sidebar or footer where you want the ads to be placed. Or you can simply click on the AdSense gadget option via the Gadget menu.

Normally, once you've added ads such as Google AdSense, the AdSense gadget should be displayed via the layout menu and you should also be able to alter or remove those ads by visiting your blog address and clicking on the spanner and screwdriver icon while you're signed in to Google.

Google Blogger interface
If you can't see or find any of those options, it's most likely because you have ad blocking software installed on your PC or browser. One of the most popular and best ad blocking software programs out there is Adblock Plus, which is available for most Internet browsers as a free download.

If you have ad blocking software such as Adblock Plus installed it will automatically remove the AdSense option from your blogger layout. You also won't be able to see or alter the ads via your web address either as this is naturally blocked as well.

Fear not, you don't have to uninstall your ad blocking software to gain back full control of your blogger account. Adblock Plus has a nifty feature that allows you to disable it on a single page only, meaning it will still block ads on pages you don't approve of.

This is a simple task and can be performed by visiting the page you want to disable Adblock Plus on, such as the blogger layout page. Next step is to click on the ABP icon in your browser's toolbar. A small menu will open where you should see the option to "disable on this page only". A tick will be placed next to that option once it has been selected and you will be promoted to refresh the webpage.

Disable ads on this page with adblocker
Ghostery, another popular and free program which also blocks ads and cookies will also have the same effect on Blogger. There's no option to block individual pages with Ghostery, but you can either choose to "trust" an entire site or you can simply choose to pause the program while you make changes to your blogger account. You do this by simply clicking on the Ghostery icon in your browser's toolbar and select "pause" which is located in the bottom right-hand corner and refresh the page.

Ghostery interface
Fingers crossed, you should now see the AdSense gadget icon on the layout page where you will be able to remove or alter it to your wishes. You can also alter or remove the ad via your blog web address by using the same method and clicking on the spanner and screwdriver icon which is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner.

Whatever ad blocking software you are using, the process will pre-pretty much the same. If there is no option to block ads on individual pages, then disable the software then alter or remove your AdSense ads and then re-enable the software.

Other Web 2.0 blogs such as WordPress or web-based software may also experience the same problem, if you have ad blocking software installed. This guide also applies to them, and if you are having problems where you cannot see certain options within your control panel simply disable your ad blocking software and see if it resolves the problem.