iPage.com Slow Uploading of Website Fix

Do you use iPage to host your website, but experience extremely slow uploading times? There may be a simple fix by publishing your website to a SubDirectory, rather than the Home Directory.

If you're like me, and you use a computer-based web design program (rather than a web-based one) to publish your website on the Internet, then having a reliable and speedy web host is absolutely essential. A computer-based web design program allows you to build a website on your computer, and usually come with a built-in FTP program which allows you to publish the website either in its entirety or just small updates to your web host.

Recently I moved from GoDaddy (which was fairly poor when it came to upload speeds) to iPage, which also initially had problems when it came to uploading my website. The default folder or directory to publish your website to is called the Home Directory, which is indicated by a / once you connect via a FTP program.

The web design software that I use to create this website comes with a feature called "Turbo Publishing". This uses PHP and essentially uploads multiple files at once, rather than uploading them one by one, which saves a hell of a lot of time. However, the Turbo Publishing feature just wouldn't work while trying to upload my website files to the Home Directory, and the upload time was taking well over an hour to publish this website. Whether this was a particular problem with my web design program or iPage, I don't really know.

Either way, I wasn't a happy boy and thought I would have to ditch iPage and look for a new web hosting company. Not being a quitter, I started experimenting with things in the iPage control panel and found a very simple fix. As mentioned earlier in this article, I was having problems uploading my files via the built-in FTP program to the Home Directory, but found if I uploaded all my files to a SubFolder, the problem was resolved and I could easily publish my entire website within 15 or 20 minutes.

How Do You Publish Your Website to a Subfolder?

Log into your iPage control panel by entering your username and password. Once you're into your Control Panel, scroll down until you see the "Domain" option and then select "DomainCentral".

Domain central option within iPage interface

My domain name is registered with another company, so I selected "add existing" and then updated the name servers with my domain register. If your domain is with iPage, then it should be displayed in the list.

Once your domain name is added it will by default use the Home Folder to store all your website files. To change this, we need to click on the domain name (example viraltech.co.uk), which will load several options below it.

Choosing a subdirectory within iPage interface

Next we want to select "Pointers" and select "SubDirectory" from the drop-down menu.  Once that's done, we need to give our subdirectory a name such as viraltech or whatever you like. Click save, once you're done.

Giving your subdirectory a name within the iPage interface

The new directory should be visible in your FileManager page.

The next and final step is to publish your entire website. Naturally, once you login via your web design/FTP program, you need to publish your files to the newly created subfolder (example /viraltech/). Once the upload has finished, check that your website is running correctly and then you can delete the files you previously uploaded to the home directory.

If you are not experiencing slow upload times by uploading your files to the Home Folder, then naturally you don't need to change anything, but if you are, this is definitely worth trying as it worked for me.