Custom Self-Made Banners

Increase Your Affiliate Revenue with Custom Self-Made Banners

You can earn some decent money through affiliate programs, however, when it comes to the predesigned banners they provide these can dull, outdated or not even reflect your website subject.

For example, two of the biggest have to be Amazon and eBay, and while they provide a reasonably range of banners that you can add to your website, usually via HTML or Java code, these often don't fit in with your website theme or worst, don't even cover the subject of your site.

Thankfully, as long as your affiliate program allows it, you can make your own custom banner and directly link to products or pages that you are promoting. Not only do custom-made banners look a lot more modern and eye-catching, but they can also bypass ad blocking software, which in turn will help to increase your affiliate ad revenue.

Now, you're probably thinking, I haven't got the foggiest clue how to make self-made banner for my website. Fear not, because on this page, I have made a small selection of banners that I'm offering to readers of my website, just like you, providing you give credit. By that I mean that you must state that the banner you are using was provided by Viral Tech by directly linking to this webpage or to our homepage on any part of your website. It's as simple as that!

Now I must stress that you must double check the terms and conditions of the affiliate program you are using before you use any of the self-made banners provided by myself on this website. The banners I have made contain no trademark logos, no explicit material, and focus only on family friendly categories. These should generally be fine to use under most circumstances.

The banners I have made will be available in 2 formats.  Animated GIF (GIF), which will rotate every 5 seconds, and a static JPEG. Each banner will have up to 7 different colours to choose from and you can download all the banners in one folder, which will be roughly 3 MB in size.

At the present moment banners are only available in a horizontal format with the size 1000 x 200 pixels. Your web design software should allow you to resize the banner if needed, other than that, you can also use a web-based program to do the job.

Adding the banner to your website is simply a case of adding it as an image and then directly linking your affiliate code to that image. Most web design software programs allow you to add custom contents, so it gets displayed on all pages of your website or you can just directly add it to individual pages.