Watch South Park Online

How to Watch South Park Online from a Legitimate Source

South Park is one the longest running animated TV shows created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, which originally aired all the way back in August 1997 on Comedy Central.

Currently in its twentieth series and still going strong South Park never shies away from sensitive or current social events and will practically take the Mickey out of anything.

Fans in the UK can only watch South Park if they have a subscription to Sky television or other subscription based service. However, fans in the USA and Canada can watch South Park episodes online via or free of charge.

Anybody outside of the USA or Canada who tries to access these sites will be blocked and told South Park is not available in their region. This is because those two sites will target US and Canadian citizens with ads that are relevant to their country. Because Comedy Central hasn't struck a deal with UK advertisers or other regions of the world, they are not going to stream South Park episodes online to those countries.

There is, however, a relative, simple way to watch South Park on by using a proxy which tells the website you are from Canada, even though you're not. For some reason, this method will only work on and not, which will detect a proxy.

Now, using a proxy to access websites that aren't available in your country is nothing new, but as you probably know, free proxies are usually slow and unreliable and can even come with security risks, if they're from a shady source.

For this method, we won't actually be downloading a stand-alone proxy or using an external website to access, but instead were going to download a great free web browser called Opera that very conveniently comes with a built-in free proxy.

You can download Opera from the following link –

Once you've downloaded and installed Opera on your PC, you'll need to make some adjustments before you can watch South Park episodes on

By default, the proxy or VPN isn't visible and needs to be activated through the menu. To do this, you simply open up Opera and click on the "menu" button in the top left-hand corner and scroll down and click on "settings".

Selecting the menu option within Opera

From the submenu on the left-hand side you want to click on "privacy and security" and put a tick in the box next to "enable VPN". While you're on the same page is also a good idea to put a tick in the "block ads" option. This will block annoying ads without downloading a third-party add-on such as Ad Block Plus.

Selecting the block ads option within Opera
Once the VPN is enabled, it will be displayed to the left of the search bar at the top of Opera. To activate it simply click on the VPN button and select on and the icon will turn from grey to blue to indicate it is active. With the free VPN you get a choice of five countries that include Canada, United States, Germany, Netherlands and Singapore. We are only interested in Canada to watch South Park online via

Selecting the VPN option within Opera
Before you head over to you'll need to download Adobe Flash (if it isn't already installed on your PC), which is required since they still use flash to stream videos.

Okay, we're nearly there.

So now you have Opera set up properly, you can head over to the dedicated South Park page on and choose which episode you want to watch. You can browse the website without the VPN activated, but remember, it must be activated and set to Canada to watch an episode.

New and selected South Park episodes can be found here –

Once you select an episode, you will be asked to confirm to run Adobe Flash player before the episode starts to stream. Just click on the play icon and the episode should start. The quality isn't HD but it's perfectly acceptable, considering it's free. And if you've enabled the ad blocking feature that I mentioned earlier, you shouldn't encounter several annoying ads throughout the episode.

Enjoy South Park!