Where to Find WordPad in Windows 10

This page provides details on where you can find the popular basic word processor WordPad in Windows 10.

1. Once your PC has loaded up simply go down to the bottom left-hand corner and click on the white Windows icon.

2. Once the menu opens scroll all the way down to the letter W.

3. Once you reach W, select "Windows Accessories" and click on it to expand the menu.

4. Under Windows Accessories, search for "WordPad" and click on it to open and start the program.

You can also use the search box located on the bottom taskbar by typing in "WordPad" and pressing enter to search for the programme.

If you regularly use WordPad and don't want to go through the whole menu system again, you can add it to your start menu, taskbar or even the desktop by following these instructions:

1. Locate WordPad using the above instructions.

2. Once you've located WordPad right click on the program and you'll be given several options. 

  • You can either "pin it to start", which is the menu located on the right-hand side once you click on the Windows icon in the bottom left-hand corner. 

  • If you want to add it to the bottom taskbar, select "more" and then select "pin to taskbar".

  • If you want to add it to your desktop, you can either left click and drag the program from the Windows menu to your desktop. You need to make sure that no other programs are open in your desktop if you use this method.

  •  Or you can right click and select "more" and then select "open file location". Once a new window opens, you should see WordPad listed in a new window with several other programs. Simply right click on WordPad and select "send to" and then select "desktop" (create shortcut).