Google Sucks

Please Help Viral Tech

The amount of time I've put into this website is mind-boggling, yet the results are dismal.

Sadly, I'm just one of many Webmasters struggling to achieve a fair ranking in major search engines such as Google, because their system is totally broken, and only ranks aged established sites, or those with hundreds or thousands of high quality links pointing to them.

Quality links are extremely hard to come by, and no Webmaster is going to link back to this or any other site unless they can find it in the search results.

That's why I need your help.

If you read this website regularly, or just found us once and found it helpful, then you can return the favour by spreading the word that Viral Tech is open for business.

If you have a social media account, such as Facebook or Twitter, then you can make a post or tweet informing your friends or readers that we have hundreds of tech related articles and how-to guides available.

If you are a Webmaster like myself and you've managed to find my website through a search engine and found a webpage that catches your eye, or is relevant to one of your pages, then please add a link.

Just like any quality website Viral Tech needs to raise significant funds through ads, not just to pay for web hosting and domain registration, but also to pay myself for the time and effort I put into this site.

Viral Tech simply won't be able to continue for much longer, under this backwards Google and Bing search engine system, which totally penalises relatively new and unknown websites like myself just because we haven't magically attracted hundreds of quality links.

Hopefully, and with a bit of luck the fortunes of this website will improve over time with your help.

Thank you.