Firefox Quantum

How to Change the Theme/Background Colour from Dark to Light in Firefox Quantum

The new Firefox web browser, aka Firefox Quantum was released on 14 November 2017. If you're a Firefox user you should receive an automatic update at any time, unless you've disabled this option.

The new browser from Mozilla has been rebuilt from the ground up, and promises speeds up to 2 times faster than its predecessor.

For me personally Firefox has always been one of the best web browsers on the market, plus it isn't owned by big soulless corporations like Google or Microsoft.

I've never really disliked anything about Firefox, but one thing that's been bugging me with this new update is the dark and light coloured default theme.

If you're reading this page, I'm sure, just like myself, you just can't get used to it. However, there is a simple option to get the original light grey coloured theme back.

Follow the guide below:

1. Open the new Firefox browser and click on the 3 vertical dashes in the top right-hand corner.

Selecting the menu button in Firefox

2. From the drop-down page, select "Add-ons".

Selecting the add-ons option within Firefox

3. Once the new page opens, select "Themes".

Selecting the themes option within Firefox

4. From the themes page, you can choose from 3 different colour options. Simply click on the "Enable" button to choose your desired theme. For example, choose the "Light" option for a light grey coloured theme similar to the previous Firefox.

Enabling your chosen theme within Firefox

That's it, simply close the window and continue browsing.