How to Cast Pornographic Websites to ChromeCast

How to Cast Pornographic Websites to ChromeCast, Such As xHamster, XVIDEOS and YouPorn

Up until autumn 2017, I was able to cast virtually any video straight from Microsoft's web browser, Edge, to my smart television, until a stupid update sometime in the autumn of 2017, which broke this feature on all my smart TVs in my home.

With no fix in sight, I decided to invest in a Google ChromeCast, which is a little dongle that plugs into your HDMI port on your TV, and uses either a USB cable or a plug as is power source.

This works very much in the same way as Microsoft Edge once worked, by using the Google Chrome web browser to browse video sharing websites and by selecting the cast option from the menu, which then sends the video straight to your ChromeCast device which is then displayed on your TV.

ChromeCast, however, only officially supports certain websites, and doesn't give you the cast option on the video toolbar on some of the world's most popular pornographic websites, such as xHamster, XVIDEOS, YouPorn and many more.

There is an option to play the video within the Chrome browser and then mirror the entire browser to your ChromeCast device. This however is extremely intensive on your PCs resources, and will soon drain your battery in next to no time.

How to Cast a Video URL Directly to ChromeCast

There are a couple of free extensions available on the Google Chrome web store that allow you to extract a video URL and cast it directly to ChromeCast.

The best one in my opinion, is called CastBuddy, and detects video URLs when browsing video sharing websites. This won't work with all video sharing websites, as some encrypt the URL, or ChromeCast does not support the file format.

It does, though work on the majority of the worlds most popular pornographic websites.

Installing CastBuddy

First, make sure you have the Google Chrome web browser installed on your Windows PC, then visit the CastBuddy extension webpage.

The is addresses:

Simply follow the instructions on the page to add it to the Chrome Web browser. This should take less than 20 seconds and once completed, you should see a little icon in the top right-hand corner on the chrome toolbar.

The CastBuddy icon displayed on the top toolbar of Google Chrome
How to Cast Pornographic Sites Using CastBuddy

Visit a pornographic website of your choice using the Chrome browser and choose a video. After you choose a video you should see that CastBuddy has detected one or more video links. In some cases, you may have to click the play button on the video until CastBuddy detects links.

The CastBuddy icon indicating it has found links which can be cast to ChromeCast

Click on CastBuddy icon and it should give you a list of the video links it has found. Now, the next step can be a little bit tricky. Because pornographic websites display multiple videos on one page, you'll have to click on the cast icon (play now) on each video until you find the correct one you want.

A list of video links that CastBuddy has detected on xHamster

Once the video starts playing CastBuddy will give you the option to fast forward or go backwards from the bottom toolbar timeline. You can also enable this option by clicking on the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of Chrome and then select "cast", which will display the video being played with the option to pause, fast forward and rewind.

Once the video has started playing on your TV through the ChromeCast device, you can close your web browser, or even turn your computer off and the video will continue on playing.

That's it.