Customer Product Reviews

Customer Product Reviews

If you recently bought an item through one of our affiliate programs and would like to inform other users of its pros or cons, then please drop us a email and we will happily publish your review, providing it meets our terms and conditions.


  • General
    User Reviews can only be posted by customers who have bought the product, not by companies or by people with vested interest in the store or product. It can not be used to promote your own or be used to harm someone else's business or reputation. Reviews should not contain links, questions or discussions about other stores or products other than the one being discussed. If you post a review containing these violations, it will not be publicly posted on our website.
  • Shop Reviews
    Opinions should be specific and based on facts. They should reflect the customers own and current experiences about customer care, customer support or be linked to the purchase agreement and its terms. Please use our forum (launching soon) for discussion on all other matters related to stores such as general opinions on business, pricing, payment, offers etc
  • For shop reviews where you the buyer claims to have waited a considerable time for delivery, refund or repair, you must state the date when the product was ordered or canceled. The report must be updated regularly (at least once a week) before the case is closed. If not, the discussion will be hidden until the update happens.
  • Product Reviews
    Opinions should be specific and based on facts. They should reflect your own experiences when it comes to the product functionality, performance, quality, and content etc.

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