• Description

PlayStation 4 is the next generation game console and entertainment system with more interactive features.

Key Features

  • PlayStation 4 entertainment system
  • Made for high performance and entertainment in mind
  • Introduces new Dual Shock 4 controller

PS4 console focuses on the player and allows you to play the very best games and get the most immersive experience. The console comes with good dynamic online gaming, powerful graphics performance and speed, smart personalization, integrated social features and innovative feature for the secondary display.

The PlayStation 4 console is built around a powerful chip that contains eight x86-64 cores and a 1.84 TFLOPS graphics processor with 8GB blazing fast GDDR5 memory system. Other features you can look forward to is Wi-FI, USB 3.0 and Bluetooth 2.1 for easy file transfer.

1TB storage

Store data from your entertainment content, games, music, photos and video on the integrated 1TB hard drive.

PlayStation 4 is an interactive entertainment system that lets you save your games and share the success on social media. Save games and other media on the cloud and access content whenever you want, wherever you are.


Along with the console, you get a brand new Dual Shock control, named the Dual Shock 4 that gives you complete control. Interact with games in every way you are used to and new ways you would not expect before. In addition there are improved and more precise analog sticks and built-in motion sensors. DUALSHOCK4 also comes with touch function and the innovative SHARE button.

Share your epic victories with just a touch of a button. You just press the "SHARE" button on the control, look through the last minutes of the game, tag / mark it and go back to the game - then upload the video while you play. PS4 console enhances the social features by allowing you to send and share gameplay in real-time.

Detailed Review


1. The console

Let's start by talking about the console itself. As soon as it comes out of the box, the first thing that captures your attention is its design. I really love the design, which is quite simple, but something "different." Unlike other consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U), this is not just a "box" that you will put somewhere on a TV stand and never look at it again. No, the PS4 is definitely a great looking console, especially with the line of light that changes colour depending on the status of the machine, which adds a bit of class.

But deep down, the beauty of the console does not matter. What matters the most is its advantages and disadvantages. With the PS4, there is something to be very satisfied about. The console is fairly light, and does not take up much space in length, height or width. We are very far away from the monster that was the PS3 on its release date, and you will already feel like you have the "slim" version of the PS4. As for connecting it up, it inherits the simplicity of the latest PS3 model: a cable and power brick to supply the power and one for HDMI that connects to your TV. And a cable for the PS Eye, if you have purchased that particular package. First impressions it is an inspired, clean design, unlike the "big bulky machine" that is the Xbox One.

2. The Dualshock 4

What can I say that has not already been said about the new Dualshock 4? The DS4 has undergone some changes that are welcome over the PS3's Dualshock 3. The general shape remains from previous models, but is now slightly larger to accommodate bigger hands. The back of the controller has a slightly rough "texture", which seems less slippery when your hands become sweaty. The analogue sticks have not changed position, but they are smaller and concave, which enable your thumbs better control. There can be no complaints about the positioning of the pads and buttons which feel familiar and natural. The left and right triggers buttons have changed and are much better than that of the PS3 and now closer to the Xbox 360 and One. The Start button has been replaced by "Options", which basically has a same use but with added options depending on which game you're playing. Select is replaced by Share the magic button that I will explain in more detail later. At the present moment it's difficult to have an opinion on the touchpad, as games are not taking advantage of it. Finally, I would like to talk about what impressed me most with this controller: the ability to write with motion detection. It is incredibly accurate and speedy! For me this is a good idea that will make sending messages much more pleasant.

3. The interface

There are many things to say about the interface of the PS4, which is simple and easy-to-use. First thing you'll notice, it's very clean looking and uncluttered. There are two horizontal lines: one with all the games/applications that are available to use and a second line with what I would call "out of play" options such as: PSN, notifications and downloads, list of friends and settings. With everything separated into two categories, you'll find it easy to do what you want.

But it is clear, the interface of the PS4 does have some drawbacks. You can not separate applications and games, or classify the games into groups like the PS3. So, if you have a lot of games, those that have been used the longest are at the bottom. Another small interface problem is not being able to pause a game without opening up a menu through the options button. What's the problem you say? This option is located just above the "uninstall"... and you might just happen to uninstall a game instead of closing it, which will be frustrating. Well, that said, it's not a huge problem, but it is a little poor design wise.

Let's talk about the Share feature. Personally, I keep saying it, but for me to share a game experience, makes a dream come true on this generation of consoles. I already love the many Miiverse and sharing screenshots options for Wii U, so it's not surprising that I love the Share button on the PS4. In short, you press the share button and it captures your last 15 minutes of gameplay (or less if you edit the video) or choose to start a live broadcast on Twitch or Ustream. I have seen many players who say they are not interested in this sharing feature, but for me its the opposite. Capture a moment, a detail, a feat and showing it off to other players, is a real pleasure. We can also use this tool to show the gaming community the way we play, and become the next internet sensation. The only downside is, there is a community missing. In fact, in my mind, the ideal scenario would be to have a mix between Miiverse on the Wii U and PS4. The Miiverse is a community dedicated to players, and when you share something on it, you immediately know that people who have the console and the game will surely see your action, and can react to it. You can share your gameplay and screenshots on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Ustream and Youtube, but there's no real "community", it just puts gameplay videos on the internet. I hope that this will change over time with updates, but at the moment the PS4 is missing a community structure.

4. Games

Finally, we move on to what most people consider the most important thing about the PlayStation 4: the games! Let's start with what is out to play. It is now mandatory to install games in full. It's a bit annoying, as the PS4 only has 500GB of storage and a "normal" game usually weighs between 30 and 50GB. You might struggle to find space if you have a dozen games installed at once, and it will be necessarily to uninstall to install others. I do not understand why we are forced to install each game entirely, given that in the end we always need to put the Blu-Ray disc in to make it work. On a positive side, the game installation is very quick and usually never more than 10 or 20 minutes. Not enough to jump up and down with excitement, but better than the Xbox One, which takes a little more than half an hour. On the downside, downloads from the PlayStation network can be painfully slow, so sometimes you can install a game in two minutes but then wait fifteen minutes for the game update to be downloaded and installed.

The first game I tried, was Killzone Shadow Fall. To be honest: it's a disappointment. Not only am I disappointed by the game itself, but also the game is far from fulfilling its role of a "technological showcase" on the PS4. A lot of bugs and technical problems make me think it wasn't ready to be present on the day of release. Knack a second exclusive on the PS4, has potential. I have not yet gone far enough in the game to have a definitive opinion, but I would say that the gameplay is quite good with a friendly universe. That said, it also suffers from bugs which, again, feels like an unfinished game.

Finally, I took Assassin's Creed IV and Injustice: Gods Among Us. I have not played a lot of these games, preferring first to focus on the two Sony exclusives. Overall, there is no huge effect that makes us think "WOW, this is the new generation of gaming? And this is normal amongst most people I think. The move from standard definition to high definition was visually beautiful on the last generation of gaming machines. Here, it is not the case and in short, there is no big graphical explosion. But the thing is new gaming consoles often get off to a slow start and gradually improve as the years go by. Just look at the PS3 that eventually brought us beautiful games like Uncharted, Heavy Rain, God of War and GTA V.

Another disappointing point, is the lack of "next gen" feeling of PS4 games . In short, every single game I've played feels as if it was made for the previous generation and doesn't offer anything new. I do not expect a revolution, but just something a little different. A bit like Zombi U, a game that is fairly standard on paper (FPS with zombies) but had brought something fun and surprising to the table. On the PS4, there is none of that. Killzone is a super classic FPS, Knack a 2D fighting game, Resogun a SHMUP in line with Stardust, and third-party games that are ports that already exist on previous consoles.

So in the end, should you buy the Playstation 4? Of course that's entirely up to you. As for me, I was always eager to discover the latest consoles and the latest games, plus I have a certain fondness for the Playstation brand. So it was virtually impossible that I did not buy one on the day of its release, especially with its reasonable price compared to the PS3 release price. And frankly I am satisfied, although I wish I had other games (I look forward to Drive Club, Infamous Second Son, Deep Down and especially Destiny and MGS Ground Zero).

But if I had to answer this question honestly, I would say that the Playstation 4, does not have enough points to make an absolute purchase at the present moment. The console itself is beautiful, pleasant to use and has the potential to become a very good machine. But it still lacks something, some small improvements, and it will take a bit longer for it to become indispensable.

I advise you to be patient and wait a bit before cracking, especially if you have an Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii U. But if you are really attracted to this machine and are eager to discover the new generation of consoles and it does not bother you to play average games, then go for it.

PlayStation Network

Unfortunately, and unlike the PS3 you are now required to pay a monthly subscription to access online features for all PS4 games. A membership to the Sony PlayStation Network can be purchased at either one month, three months or 12 months contract.

PlayStation Plus 3 Month Membership

PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership

Please be aware, if you purchase your subscription through the PlayStation network online store, you will be required to enter your credit card details and will continue to be billed unless you cancel your subscription.

Manufacturers website - playstation.com