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How to Find Area 51 Using Google Earth

If you are into ufology like myself, then you've probably heard about Area 51, the not so secret United States military base located in Nevada.

Though I'm not 100% convinced myself that extraterrestrial life has ever visited planet Earth, I still enjoy the mystery and nostalgia around places such as Area 51.

Area 51 for many decades didn't technically exist even though it could be faintly viewed from the nearby hill/mountain range. When the US government did finally get around to admitting that a base did exist on the dry lake bed known as Groom Lake, they didn't give too much away, other than it was built for testing human made military aircraft and equipment.

Okay, the truth is, it probably is nothing more than a military testing base for next-generation aircraft and weapons, but that hasn't stopped people putting out their own opinion on a highly secretive and mysterious base. This includes, of course, ET technology which is being reversed engineered at Papoose Lake, which is located around 10 miles south-west of the main facility. Some even say there's a huge underground facility where humans and aliens are working together though that does sound a little bit far-fetched.

Since the base is located way out in the Nevada desert and has a 24/7 security team, ensuring you can't even cross the border and get within 10 miles of the actual base details and images are pretty scarce. Back in the nineties, there used to be a couple of good viewing points from Freedom Ridge and White Sides, but these were seized by the government and can no longer be accessed by the public. The only viewing point is Tikaboo Peak, which even with a powerful telephoto lens doesn't reveal too much.

However, one thing the United States government cannot stop is aerial photos of the base provided by satellites in space. Aerial satellite photographs of Area 51 is nothing new since the Russians and other not so friendly nations have been monitoring the base for decades.

But now, the general public can see Area 51 in all its glory thanks to Google Earth, which is free to download. If you didn't know Google Earth provides aerial pictures of planet Earth and its countries. Most of the images Google Earth provide are actually taken using an aircraft equipped with camera rather than a satellite from space. Somehow I don't think the US government would allow Google to fly a plane over Area 51, so they could photograph it, so I'm presuming all the images you see are from a 3rd party using satellite images.
So, How Do You Find Area 51 Using Google Earth?
Naturally, you're going to need Google Earth, and if you haven't downloaded it already, you can do at the following link. Once Google Earth is installed on your PC, simply open the program. By default, Google Earth, usually zooms in on your home country. However, we want to find Area 51, which is located in the state of Nevada in the USA. I'm probably guessing you don't want to manually scan the entire state of Nevada, as it's fairly large so for simplicity, all we have to do is type in a code into the search bar located in the top left-hand corner of Google Earth.

For this all we have to type into the box is "37.2370971603, -115.802118982" (with or without the quotes) and we will be taken directly to the Groom Lake facility where we have an entire aerial view in fairly good quality of Area 51.
What Can You See?
Well, not a great deal. As you would expect any military base would consist of a runway and hangers, and that's pretty much what Area 51 is. But its still interesting to see the sheer size of this base, and the number of hangers and facilities it has. And of course, you may even see a flying saucer, if you're lucky.

Away from area 51, the entire area is quite interesting as you also have the Nevada test site, which was once used to test nuclear bombs, but is now used as a bombing range. There are all kinds of strange and mysterious little pockets of interest around Area 51 and the Nevada test site which the public has no access to.
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