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Glossary of Electronics Terms - B

Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter B.
Bass Reflex Speaker
A speaker with acoustic technique that boosts the bass so the speakers can reproduce deeper tones than usual.
BIONZ Image Processor
The fast BIONZ image generator from Sony, makes it possible for the user to take pictures in extremely high speed. The engine allows fast burst shooting at up to three frames per second continuously, with 10.2 megapixels and the finest JPEG compression.
Blackline technique developed by Philips produces a better image quality. Blackline technique focuses on both the image signal and the actual display. The screen is darker, providing greater contrast and detail. Blackline D, Blackline FX and S, Blackline S Super Flat and Blackline S Real Flat are evolutions of Blackline.
Blackline FX
Blackline FX is a forward development of Black Line D, which is a forward development of Blackline. The difference between Black Line and Black Line D was the construction of the picture tube, while the difference between D and FX consists in the quality of the phosphors. The new type of phosphorus gives intensity and more saturated colours.
Blackline S Super Flat
Blackline S Super Flat resembles Blackline S (an improvement of Blackline FX), but has a flatter picture tube. A flatter picture tube will always be preferable. The more convex the picture tube, the more distorted the picture becomes.
System that allows wireless communication between different systems such as telephone, car, coffee machine, MP3 devices, alarm clock etc. With a built-in bluetooth chip in a mobile phone you can operate the alarm system on certain cars and even operate the heater, using the phone.
Blu-ray disk belongs to next generation of digital video storage. High Definition (HD) - picture and sound with high resolution - has become very common, but the new format requires much greater storage capacity. The traditional DVD with its 4.7 gigabytes fall short. 4.7 gigabytes is usually enough for a long film, but HD requires five times the capacity, which Blu-ray discs have. Storage capacity is significantly improved compared to DVD and the format is one of the most powerful, durable and innovative formats available. Blu-ray is a standard similar to traditional DVD and CD. The big advantage is that it uses a blue laser instead of a red or infrared laser, hence the name Blu-ray. Because blue waves are shorter than red, there is space for more information on the same surface. Blu-ray machines also have the advantage of being quicker to write and read data. Blu-ray is competing with HD DVD to take over as the new format for DVD.
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