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Glossary of Electronics Terms - C

Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter C.
Composition of the English words camera and video recorder which means when combined video camera and video tape recorder.
Carl Zeiss
Carl Zeiss. German company specialising in the production of lenses for cameras that are distinguished by very good image reproduction.
Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar T
A lens with multilayer T coating that minimizes light reflection on the lens surface and removes ghost images and stray light. Because there is less reflection on this lens than traditional cameras, more natural light penetrates the image chip, which means that images are more natural and vibrant.
Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar
A small and powerful lens for use in compact cameras and camcorders. Perfect to capture contrasts and colours so that images are gorgeous and crisp.
Charge Coupled Device. The number of megapixels is determined by the CCD and the high resolution it manages to catch up. CCD detects light from optics and converts it into electrical current.
CD burner
A CD burner writes information on CDs: CD-R and CD-RW. There are both internal and external CD burners available for computers. The internal variants are mounted inside the enclosure of a computer, while external varieties simply connect usually via USB. Most modern computers have a CD drive with an integrated CD burner.
Call Data Record. A file that contains data for each call/connection.
CD-R is a one time writable CD. You can enter information on a CD-R in several stages, but the information can not be overwritten.
Compact Disc Read Only Memory. Developed by Philips and Sony.
RW stands for rewritable. Unlike a CD-R disc, a CD-RW disc can be overwritten. It works on the same principle as a recordable tape.
A chip is a control circuit that controls how information on electronic devices such as computers behave. A very thin piece of silicon containing a circuit with transistors. A chip with many features is an integrated circuit.
All products that have CinemaLink (DVD, VCR, TV, Audio and Satellite receivers etc) are digitally connected. This means that all components work as if they are integrated into one unique system.
Clear LCD
Image Enhancement Technology from Philips. Extra backlight inside the TV provides a sharper image of subjects that are in motion and allows for black surfaces rather than greyish - which would otherwise be displayed on LCDs.
Clear Photo LCD Plus
Clear Photo LCD Plus is an enhanced LCD screen with higher screen resolution and a larger colour gamut with higher contrast. This screen provides better opportunities for film composition and focusing in both dark and light environments, and provides a sharper image during playback.
Contrast Plus
Contrast Plus increases the contrast between white and black, thus creating greater depth in the image.
CPU means Central Processing Unit. CPU is the computer processor - the heart or engine of a computer.
CRT is the abbreviation for Cathode Ray Tube, the picture tube in traditional and now obsolete television sets.
Crystal Clear
Image Enhancement Technology from Philips that provides better contrast, natural colours and a highly detailed image. Available in two editions: Crystal Clear and Crystal Clear III.
Crystal Clear III
Image Enhancement Technology from Philips with a number of improvements (compared to Crystal Clear) which gives a better picture. Crystal Clear III includes 2D Comb filter, Dynamic contrast, Blue stretch and Green enhancement, which makes the colours always look natural.
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