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Glossary of Electronics Terms - E

Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter E.
Easy Handycam
Pressing the Easy Handycam on Sony devices, makes the camera very easy to operate ("point and shoot"). All camera settings are controlled automatically, so you get the best possible recording with minimum inconvenience.
Easy-fit connector
Cable plugs with colour coding that offer a user-friendly solution that makes it easy to connect the speakers and subwoofer to the main unit in a surround sound system. You just need to put the plugs contacts in the matching colour ports on the rear of the unit.
Electronic Program Guide
"Now and Next" information telling how long the current program lasts and what the next program is.
EMS - Enhanced Messaging Service - is a further development of SMS. In addition to text, you can send audio or pictures with EMS.
Energy Labeling
Under current laws, all electronic appliances must display a label indicating the scale of electricity used from A to G, where A is best and G is the worst. The classification is made on the basis of the machines energy consumption, detergency, drying ability, centrifugation, etc. The European energy label allows you to easily compare products and then choose the best and most environmentally friendly products.
Technology for microphones based on a pre-charged capacitor. Electret microphones offer high sensitivity, excellent bandwidth and a good signal/noise ratio. Less robust than dynamic mics, they are very versatile and quite economical. Their battery supply (1.5V) limits their dynamic capability.
Easter Egg
Option or bonus hidden in the DVD menus, software and games,etc.
EMC ElectroMagnetic Compatibility
Regulations for all electronic devices describing the acceptable radiation and susceptibility to electromagnetic interference. Compliance with these rules, recognizable by the CE or UL logo (USA) on the devices ensures good cohabitation of the equipment in your home.
Edge LED
LED Edge uses white LEDs integrated into the frame area of ​​a flat TV. This technique significantly reduces the thickness of the casing. Some LED TVs are less than three centimeters thick.
EDID (Extended Display Identification Display)
Information stored in an EEPROM of a diffuser (screen, video), especially regarding the resolution and maximum refresh rates it can withstand. This information is "interviewed" by the source (graphics card, Blu-ray player, HD console) that can adapt the parameters of the image sent to the broadcaster.
Energy Star
The Energy Star label indicates a product is energy efficiency and is optimized by adopting a controlled energy consumption in all modes of operation, such as on, standby and hibernate.
Electronic Program Guide. Function to display information related to programs (summary, start time, duration, category).
Signing of certain image formats (JPEG particular) which contains many meta information, such as date taken, shutter speed, subject distance, geolocation, colour space, exposure etc. Exif tag is used by the photographs of hosting services such as Flickr, as well as the development of software (Adobe Lightroom) among others.
Action to convert an audio or video stream from one format to another. An MP3 encoder, for example, converts any audio file to MP3 format.
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