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Glossary of Electronics Terms - F

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Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter F.
FLAC is a compression algorithm dedicated to music. Unlike MP3, WMA or AAC, the compression does not deteriorate. The music in FLAC format is strictly of the same quality as the original, while occupying less space. The compression ratio varies from 30 to 50%, depending on the complexity of the signal: Audio and CD-80 mins/800 MB encoded in FLAC format occupies only 350 to 500 MB. This open and free format is increasingly being supported by media players, home theater amplifiers and network drives. Moreover, the FLAC format requires little computing power to be encoded. The most common files being from CD-Audio, FLAC resolution is 16-bit/44.1 kHz. However, the standard allows a resolution of 24 bit/96 kHz and six channels on such files that are gradually emerging on the Internet.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
List of the most common questions on a particular topic. Consult the FAQ before contacting technical support, your solution is probably there.
FFT: Fast Fourier Transform
A system for processing a signal for converting a wave in the frequency spectrum. This system is used by some audio compression systems.
FFT: Fast Fourier Transform
A system for processing a signal for converting a wave in the frequency spectrum. This system is used by some audio compression systems.
FM: Frequency Modulation
Frequency modulation. Analog modulation technique used in radio with good quality and low sensitivity to noise. Other conventional modes of modulation for radio transmission are amplitude modulation (AM) and phase modulation (used for digital signals). It is now rivaled by digital radio (DAB), web-radio (internet) and the podcast. FM remains the most popular way to receive the radio today.
Electronic modifying the frequency response of audio or video. The passive filter is composed of a pregnant resistors, capacitors and inductors organized along more or less complex patterns. The signal which is sent by the amplifier and through this filter is attenuated so that only certain frequencies reach each speaker. Mitigation (cutoff) occurs at a precise and fixed frequency determined during design. In contrast, the active filter of a subwoofer offers the user the opportunity to determine the cutoff frequency itself (usually from 40 to 150 Hz).
A firewall is protection to prevent unwanted information being spread between different networks or computers. It also provides protection against unwanted intrusions and viruses via the Internet. Firewalls can be based on both software and hardware.
Also called IEEE 1394 or iLink. FireWire is a data bus with high speed and standard remote transmission of data. The transfer takes place at very high speed - up to 50 MB per second (400 Mbps). Is used to transfer digital photos from DVD and video cameras.
Flat Screen
Flat Screen is a generic term for monitors (computer screens) and TV sets with a flat screen image.
Function on many digital set-top boxes. Flex Time lets you see the beginning of a program that you have missed. So you can watch your favorite show from the beginning even if you are halfway through the TV program.
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