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Glossary of Electronics Terms - I

Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter I.
PIP (Picture in Picture) developed by the company Silicon Image and implemented in the 2012 range of audio-video by Onkyo, allows embedded video or sound in one or more miniature formats from HDMI sources connected to the TV. Thus, the user can change the source when the program of choice begins (or the menu of a Blu-ray movie is available after loading).
I2S standard is a digital audio connection mode specifically evolved to connect a CD, DVD or Blu-ray to a DAC. It integrates different digital clock reference signals for better synchronization. It establishes three additional connections (word clock, clock and master clock) that offer a perfect synchronization of reading, thus ensuring a sound devoid of jitter error. The signal can be transmitted via a mini-DIN 5-pin cable, or by an HDMI cable.
IC: Integrated Circuit
Integrated circuit. Complex electronic component comprising many simple elements. Integrated circuits are used in almost all electronic devices. Electronic circuits which do not utilize integrated circuits are called "discrete". They are reserved for high-end products in which these circuits are optimized to the last detail.
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