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Glossary of Electronics Terms - N

Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter N.
Compression method that allows for stereo sound on a program broadcast in mono.
NAS (Network Attached Storage)
The Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a network box incorporating one or more hard drives, and software enabling it to share content with different communication protocols, to computer equipment and audio-video in the home. One of the most common protocols is UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) compatible with many televisions, blu-ray players, network audio players or home theater systems equipped with a network port or wireless capabilities. NAS is the best way to share your library of films and music while centralizing storage. A single HD movie on the hard disk of a NAS can be watched simultaneously by multiple people.
Video standard used in USA and Japan. Analog NTSC encoding is less efficient than PAL or SECAM.
Range of Panasonic plasma displays equipped with advanced image processing. To obtain sharp images without distortions, Panasonic Neoplasma TV's include a 600Hz image processing rate and fast switching phosphors. This allows you to view moving images with perfect fluidity at resolutions up to 1080 lines. Neoplasma TV's adopt a new generation of self-luminescent cells requiring only one pulse per pixel to produce an image. This means they are able to achieve an equivalent response time of 0.001 milliseconds, eliminating the so-called "ghost" effect in 3D. Infinite Black Pro technology and Contrast Pro Filter allow you to get even deeper blacks and better contrast. Finally, Viera Neo Plasma screens are certified THX for an cinematic experience.
Netflix is ​​an Internet video on demand service subscription, available on all SmartTV televisions and game consoles et cetera. Its catalog of movies and TV shows are available in high definition (720p, 1080p), with certain content available in 4K UHD. 4K contents requires an Internet connection of 25 MB per second.
NFC (Near Field Communication)
Short-range communication technology (about 10 cm) using high frequencies. This technology allows two devices to exchange data without contact in a safe and secure way.
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