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Glossary of Electronics Terms - P

Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter P.
Phase Alternate Line. Video standard used in Europe.
PAP (Picture And Picture)
This function allows you to watch two TV programs simultaneously, two video sources or one TV program and 1 video source. For this, the screen is divided into two distinct parts, 8/9th size.
Polyglass technology consists in applying a cellulose pulp cone deposition layer of glass beads. The objective is to combine the excellent damping of the cellulose pulp with the rigidity of the glass, without significantly increasing the mass of the cone. The speed of sound propagation on the surface area increases significantly, which results in a significant gain in the midrange. The Polyglass cone provides us with an excellent economic alternative for applications where the technology "W" is not an option because of its cost. Stiffness even exceeds that of single woven Kevlar cone skin, and nearly 10 times that of polypropylene.
Paramid speakers have a sandwich structure and benefit from Aramid membrane. This light and durable fiber - also known as arylate or trade name Kevlar - is clamped by two rigid paper pulp layers. The paramid membranes thus offer excellent damping parasitic vibrations, to consecutive pulses. Accordingly, distortion is effectively reduced.
Technology developed by JBL to strengthen the membranes of its speakers. The membranes of cellulose fiber midrange and bass are reinforced with a layer of polymer that eliminates internal resonances and uniform piston movement to provide more accurate and controlled bass without increasing the weight of it.
Pay per view. System used by pay TV broadcasters, where you pay an extra fee to watch an individual programme. Programs mainly consist of latest movie releases and sporting events.
The smallest identifiable element of a digital image. The pixels are aligned in a rectangular matrix. Each pixel can be defined by 1 to 32 bits, or from 2 to more than 16 million colors.
Pixel Plus HD
Upscaling technology on Philips TV. Pixel Plus HD allows the TV to display an image near high definition quality from a standard definition signal (DVD, game console, etc).
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