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Glossary of Electronics Terms - Q

Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter Q.
Range of high-end video processors designed by Marvell Company. The QDEO processors are specialized in image processing for high definition 4K viewing. Image processing is involved in several areas: - The video noise reduction with the use of filter VNR (Video Noise Reduction) and RAC process (Compression Artifact Reduction). - The scaling (up-scaling) with a process of de-interlacing house (Vector interpolation) and a technique of reducing the moire effect (Movie Mode). - Finally, treatment of contrast and colour with ACE technology (Adaptive Contrast Enhancement - additional details in dark areas) and ICR (Intelligent Colour Remapping - brighter colours).
This proprietary Sharp technology uses a filter composed of 4 colours in which the yellow (J) was added to the three primary colours red, green and blue (RGB). The net improvement in the reproduction of yellow broadens the range of colours. Compared to 6.2 million sub-pixels resulting from the use of the conventional 3 primary colours, the use of four colours including yellow exceeds the number to 8 million sub-pixels, providing better accuracy and a broader expression of colours. Quattron technology combined with LED backlighting provides a very realistic view, while reducing energy consumption.
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