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Glossary of Electronics Terms - S

Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter S.
S-Logic Natural Surround Sound. Technology developed by Ultrasone for surround sound headphones. Just use your favorite Ultrasone headphones and audio equipment to enjoy a three-dimensional sound! The secret of this system is the eccentric positioning of the transducer, placed in front of the lower atrium. Thus, the sound reaches the ear after being reflected and taken by the pinna as a natural sound. This reflected sound allows the brain to understand the sound in three dimensions.
Sony Entertainment Network
Online portal developed by Sony with access to thousands of music, movies and games. Born from the fusion of the Playstation Network and Qriocity, the portal offers video on demand in standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) and a subscription to Music Unlimited service that provides access to thousands of accessible audio streaming titles as well as thematic music channels.
Super Audio CD. Optical disc developed by Sony to establish a new standard of quality. SACD uses DSD digitization technology at very high sampling frequency (2.82 MHz), which allows a bandwidth of 100 kHz and a dynamic range of 120 dB. The signal may be stereo or multichannel. These discs can be played only on SACD players. The hybrid disc includes two layers: the surface layer contains the SACD data while the deep layer contains the CD data to be played back on a conventional player. Playback hybrid discs on a standard CD player produces the same result as the traditional CD, SACD improvements can only be used on a special player. Most titles are now available in stereo or multichannel hybrid format.
STB (Set Top Box)
Digital decoder to receive digital broadcasts on an old analog TV.
Sony Dynamic Digital Sound. Encoding system developed by Sony for its film and silver films (35 mm). It provides 8 high quality sound channels.
This data transmission technology allows a device to play audio and video files without the need to download them first. Data transfer is carried out as the program is played. This technology is used by Youtube to broadcast its content, but also by domestic media protocols DLNA or Apple AirPort.
Super Steady Shot
Optical stabilization system. The individual sensors and active prisms placed before the lens of the camcorder detect motion and compensate. This provides a stable image even if the camera is shaken. This feature can be used with optical zoom without image degradation or FOV change.
Name given by LG to the CEC-compatible HDMI standard for its products. HDMI integrates a protocol for control and communication between compatible devices interconnected via an HDMI cable. CEC (Consumer Electronic Control) makes it possible to create a dialogue between the various links in the home theater system. Control technology offered by the CEC protocol is now integrated into the majority of devices offered by major brands. Available on DVD players, DVD recorders, Blu-ray players, flat screens, amplifiers and home cinema systems.
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