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Glossary of Electronics Terms - T

Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter T.
Device often made of a lightweight metal used to support a camera for a steady shake free shot. The tripod should be lightweight and stable. The head uses a ball that allows 360° direction and quick release. Some models include a spirit level for accurate alignment.
Charge-Coupled Device. Light sensor containing many elements (photosites) organized online or matrix. An optical block 3CCD separates light into red/green/blue with the dichroic prism, enabling each pixel to capture light for improved colour reproduction and high definition image.
THX 3D Display
Quality standard for flat screens TV's and 3D projectors. It was awarded the standard after more than 400 laboratory tests in order to analyze the images for the right and left eye. Evaluation include colour depth, image overlapping phenomenon, viewing angles and video processing performance. The 2D picture quality has also been equally rigorous testing. A screen or projector with the THX 3D Display certification ensures optimal image quality in 2D and 3D.
THX 4K Display
Quality standard for flat screens Ultra High Definition 4K televisions. It was awarded the quality standard after more than 400 laboratory tests, include the depth and colour accuracy, clarity of the image or the quality of the upscaling from HD1080p sources. 4K TV THX Certified Display ensures optimal image quality in Ultra High Definition native or upscaled.
This technology automatically evaluates the quality of analog video tapes (recording and playback). By correcting the effect of "snow", it increases the fine detail and thus the quality of the images.
Image file format usually uncompressed. Flexible, it allows different colour depths and storing of information related to the colour space in which the image was possibly retouched. The cuts are applicable to LZW or JPEG.
Time Shifting
This is a live control technology, when watching television. It involves recording, usually on hard drive, the current program and allows it to be pause and resumed at any point.
Tri-tube (now obsolete)
This technology offered the best performance in very high luminosities, particularly in terms of contrast and definition. Three-tube models have been abandoned for home theater applications, as they were much more expensive than comparable performance DLP models. In addition, they were necessarily used in fixed installations due to their complexity.
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