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Glossary of Electronics Terms - V

Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter V.
This is a video codec used on HD-DVD, Blu-ray disc or game consoles including the Xbox 360. It is now rarely used in favor of the H.264 video codec, which is more efficient, and happens to be the video compression method most used on Blu-ray discs. The image quality offered by the VC1 codec is still excellent, either in SD or HD.
VCD: Video CD
Video-CD is a disc on a CD-ROM containing video and/or audio compressed in MPEG-1. Video CD, like the audio CD, contain a track list and a system of readable files that can be read by several types of platforms including computers, some game consoles and most DVD players. It fell into disuse, replaced by the DVD-Video.
This interface by Panasonic provides access to many online application like YouTube, Eurosport, Picasa Web Albums, but also online games, video on demand services, applications for children, etc. Simply connect the VIERA TV to a broadband Internet router to gain access. VIERA Cast Portal is automatically updated and allows you to switch seamlessly between your TV program and your online entertainment. VIERA CAST provides access to exclusive content but can not be used to surf the Internet.
VIERA Remote
The application VIERA Remote turns your Android smartphone or iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch into a touchscreen remote, allowing you to intuitively navigate through the various features and tools of your VIERA TV. This includes setting and access to VIERA Connect. Simply connect the VIERA TV to your home network that the smartphone or tablet is connected to and control your television.
With VPS (Video Programming System) and PDC (programming command), the television station checks the start and duration of the programme being recorded. This means that the video starts and stops at the right time, even if a program starts earlier or ends later than what was initially programmed.
vTuner is a software program that allows access to Internet radio stations. Available on PC, this software is also implemented in many audio-video products such as radio receivers, amplifiers, touch pads, mini-chains, Blu-ray players, etc.
Video Home System. Developed by JVC in 1976. When VCRs were introduced on the market, it was competing against BetaMax. VHS won the competition, despite BetaMax having better image quality. VHS is now rarely used and has been replaced by DVD and Blu-ray video discs.
Video 8
Video format for video cameras, developed by Sony. Hi-8 is the analog predecessor to digital-8, which store the information digitally.
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