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Glossary of Electronics Terms - W

Glossary terms, covering electronic products with the letter W.
WiFi is a wireless link protocol. It allows an electronic device to connect to the Internet or to a nearby home network. WiFi Ready devices are capable of operating with a optional transmitter/receiver, usually called key or WiFi dongle.
Unit used to measure the power of an amplifier.
WebOS is an interface used by LG on its Smart TVs. It offers an intuitive tabbed browsing, displayed at the bottom of the picture being broadcast. The interface is customizable to suit individual preferences.
Windows Media Audio is a music file format developed by Microsoft's media department. Unlike MP3, WMA may contain antipiracy security that prevents copying and illegal distribution of their content. The patent was filed by Microsoft in 1999. However, the format has never won against MP3.
Wireless Application Protocol. Internet Protocol that allows mobile phones to access and search the Internet. WAP pages can be viewed on the mobile phone display. Internet pages must, however, be adapted to the WAP format. If the mobile phone also has GPRS, you can talk on the phone and use WAP simultaneously.
WCDMA is the networking standard used by third generation mobile communications (3G).
Works with iPhone
The "Works with iPhone" label means that an electronic accessory is compatible with the iPhone. Some "works with iPhone" products may require you to switch the iPhone into "airplane mode" to function properly.
A webcam is used to transmit live images over the Internet. Commonly used for video conferencing and Skype.
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