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How to Block Annoying Google Ads for Good

Let's face it, when browsing the Internet the last thing we want is to be bombarded with advertisement. Google, the world's biggest search engine is one of the worst when it comes to ads as they don't just display them on their own websites, but across millions of independent websites across the world.

Have you ever search for a particular product on Google, then only to find ads for that particular product across a host of different websites, even though your not even searching for it?

That's because Google essentially records what you have previously searched for on its search engine and other sister sites (such as YouTube) via cookies and then displays those ads on its own and independent websites that are using Google AdSense in the hope you will click on that ad and put some money in their pocket.

Another serious issue with Google ads is that the ads can be misleading and simply do not deliver what you are searching for. For example, you could search for a particular pair of shoes and see a big massive ad appear at the top of Google search, claiming they sell this product, yet when you click on the actual ad, you're just taken to a clothing related website with absolutely no sign of the particular pair of shoes you are looking for. This isn't just annoying, but a complete waste of your time, especially when those paid ads are distracting you from the organic/free results that are much more relevant.

However, do not fear as there is a very simple way you can banish Google ads for good with a free software program available for most common web browsers. The program is called Adblock Plus that not only protects you from Google ads, but pretty much all advertisement (including pesky pop-ups) across the World Wide Web.

Adblock Plus is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Android, Opera, Yandex and Microsoft's new web browser, Edge.

When you visit the Adblock Plus website it should detect what browser you are using. For example, if you're using Firefox you will see a big green button saying "Install for Firefox".

Installation is very straightforward, simply click on the button follow the simple instructions and Adblock Plus will be installed on your chosen browser, usually within a few seconds.

Once it has installed you should see a little red icon with ABP displayed at the top of your browser, along with other icons and and installed add-ons. The icon location may vary from browser to browser and may be located at the bottom on some.

Now It's Time to Block Those Pesky Ads
Adblock Plus will work straight out of the box and will block most ads automatically. However, Google have been very crafty and have paid Adblock Plus to add them to a "non-intrusive" advertising list. The good thing is, the makers of Adblock Plus allow users of their programme to decide whether they want to see the so-called "non-intrusive ads" or not. Since you probably found this page by searching for how to block Google ads, I'm guessing you don't want to see those ads across the vast majority of sites you visit.
Mozilla Firefox
Instructions will vary slightly from browser to browser, but all are very similar.

First I'm going to give you instructions on how to use what I consider the best web browser, Mozilla Firefox.

Simply click on the ABP icon and select "filter preferences".

Once you have clicked on the "filter preferences" button, you should be presented with a page that looks at this.

You want to untick the box that says "allow some non-intrusive advertising". If you leave this box ticked, it will allow Google ads to be displayed in your particular web browser. You can click "view list" to see who has paid to be placed in the so-called non-intrusive advertising list.
Google Chrome
In Google Chrome, you simply have to click on the ABP icon and select "options".

And then untick "allow some nonintrusive advertising".

Other browsers may be slightly different from Firefox and Chrome, but the option to un-tick should be under either preferences or options.
Support Independent Websites
As any Webmaster will know running a website is both time-consuming and costs money. That's why 99% of websites need to display ads to cover their costs. Though Adblock Plus probably has very little effect on online revenue at the present moment since it's only used by a small percentage of web users it still has caused concern amongst many small website owners.

That's why Adblock Plus has built a feature that allows you to disable ad blocking on any website you choose. For example, if you do use a website or host of them regularly and find them extremely useful, you should definitely consider disabling Adblock Plus on that domain/domains.

This excellent feature means you can still block annoying ads on Google search, for example, but allow small independent websites to receive an income from the ads they display on their website.

To prevent blocking on a certain website/s, simply click on the ABP logo and select "disable on" in Firefox and in Google Chrome , click on "enable on this site" until the X and disabled on this site message is displayed.
Download Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus can be downloaded free of charge from their official website.
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