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How to Transfer Files from One PC to Another

Are you looking for a software program that can be used to transfer all files, user data and software from one PC to another, without having to reinstall all your programs? You're in luck as ToDo PCTrans does some mighty fine job of this.
Ideal solution for a new PC

Should you buy a new PC, you have the daunting and time-consuming task of installing all your apps, data and software again. An alternative is to use the service Ninite to install all your apps, but if you need a program that can be used to transfer everything from one PC to the other, including software then ToDo PCTrans is an good option for you.
Limited free version
ToDo PCTrans can be found in both a free version and pay versions. You can only transfer two programs with the free version. With the Pro versions you can transfer an unlimited amount and it costs $49.95 and you get one license for two PCs.

We have tested the free version and transferred two programs from one PC to the other and everything worked fine on the second PC.
Very easy to use
EaseUS Todo PCTrans is very easy to install and use. The program can be downloaded from The program supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, and both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

The program must be installed on both PCs and both PCs must be connected to the same local network, and both PCs must run simultaneously.

Once installed, you should get a list of available PCs (i.e. PCs that have ToDo PCTrans installed) with the message ""Please select a computer to transfer."
Find your PC via its IP address
You do not get the name of the other PC under the message "Please select a computer to transfer", therefore you must let the program find the computer.

Press the plus sign, enter the IP address of the other PC, and press Enter. The name of the PC is now in place, and the Continue button becomes active.

If you are unsure where to find the IP address of your PC you can use, or you can find the IP address using ipconfig command via command prompt in Windows.

Press the Conntinue button to open a window and choose which direction the transfer is to take place, i.e. the PC that will be the source (old PC) and the PC should be the destination (new PC).
Scan your computer
It now start scanning your PC for all installed programs and files on the source PC. In our test this took only around 10 minutes.
Choose transfer direction
You should get a window where you can choose which program/data you want to transfer. Here you can put a checkmark next to the programs you want to transfer. You should also see a "Compatibility" column, where the program will tell if it is compatible with the operating system on the other PC. Most programs are "Likely", while those that say "No" are not compatible.

We tested out the transfer of a program that is marked as "Not Compatibility", and yet the transfer completed without any problems.

Once the transfer is complete, you get the message "The transfer is completed." You must reboot the destination PC. On the source computer, simply press OK and Finish.
Successful test
In this test we transfer two programs, Autorun Organizer and Notepad ++, and the transfer was successful, in 2 minutes. We have also noted that the two programs work as they should on the other PC.
If you need to copy programs from one PC to the other, ToDo PCTrans is an excellent option. The program works as it should, at least for the majority of programs.

If you want to transfer the entire contents of one PC to another, you must purchase ToDo PCTrans.
Transfer reliability
I have not tested ToDo PCTrans over a large period of time, and therefore can not say that everything works 100% after being transferred to a new PC. You should always backup your important data to an external hard drive or memory stick to be on the safe side.
Plus points of ToDo PCTrans
+ Easy to use
+ Fast
+ You can copy of two programs with the free version
+ Transferred software works as it should
Downside of ToDo PCTrans
- You must purchase the program if you want to copy more than two programs
- Both PCs must run simultaneously in a LAN
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