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How to Install WordPress with 000webhost Free Hosting

000webhost is both a free and paid web hosting company, where you host either your own domain or one of their free subdomains. Their free web hosting platform is advertised as ad free, however, it does often display a pop-up advertising either 000webhost or another web hosting company within their network.

Despite the ad pop-up, 000webhost is a really, really good option if you're not ready to invest in paid web hosting, or are just a casual Webmaster who is experimenting with one or more sites.

The best way to build and get a site online is to use WordPress, the free website/blogging software. Most paid web hosts allow you to install WordPress using a custom installer such as Fantastico, which will install WordPress for you with minimal effort.

000webhost free web hosting doesn't have this option and the only way to install WordPress is to manually upload it yourself. This, however, isn't as difficult as you may think.
How to Install WordPress on 000webhost
During this guide we will be using one of 000webhost free subdomains. If you haven't set up your own domain or free subdomain, do so now, before you go any further through the members area and click on "create new account".

Once your account is set up the next step is to click on "Go to Control Panel".

From your Control Panel, scroll down until you see "Database" and click on "MySQL".

Once you enter MySQL choose a database name, username and a password. Make sure your password is secure by using a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers.

Okay, now we have the basic setup next step is to download WordPress and upload it to your 000webhost web host.

You can download the latest version of WordPress from the official site at the following address

The size of the file is very small itself so it shouldn't take more than a few seconds on a fast connection to download.

Save it anyway you like on your computer, documents is usually the best location.

Once WordPress has finished downloading, located it on your computer and right click on the folder and select "Extract All". This will extract the WordPress files from its zip folder.

You can now delete the zip WordPress folder as this is no longer needed. This is the folder with the icon of a zip on it.

Time to Upload WordPress
Now we've downloaded and unzipped WordPress, we're going to need a tool that we can use to upload it to 000webhost. For this will be using an FTP program called FileZilla. This is available as a free download.

Once you've downloaded and opened FileZilla on your PC, head back over to your 000webhost web host panel and select "account details"

Once into your account details, you can see your "file upload details" such as your FTP hostname, FTP username and FTP password. Make note of these as you will need to enter them into FileZilla.

Enter Your FTP Details into FileZilla
For this, we are going to use the quick connection option which allows you to enter your FTP details in the top toolbar of FileZilla. Your details will be lost once you close FileZilla and if you want them to be permanent, you can do so through File > Site Manager.

Enter your Hostname, Username and Password. You can leave the Port as blank. Click on "Quickconnect" once you're finished." This should log you into your FTP server. If it doesn't recheck your details.

Now you've logged into your FTP server, you want to locate the WordPress file on your computer using the FileZilla program. You do this by using the 2nd box down on the left-hand side of the programme where you can search and select the folders and files on your computer. Once you locate your WordPress file select it until it appears in the next box down on the left-hand side. Once it appears, double-click on it until all the WordPress files are displayed such as wp-admin, wp-content and wp-includes and so on.

Next step is to upload all the WordPress files into your public_html folder on your server. You do this by highlighting all of the WordPress files on the left-hand side of the programme and then drag them to the public_html folder. Despite WordPress being quite small in size, this upload can take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, so be patient.

We Are Almost There
Once all the files have uploaded successfully, the next step is pretty straightforward. Simply copy and paste the URL of your website into your chosen web browser, where you should be greeted by a WordPress setup page. If you don't get a setup page try adding /wp-admin/setup-config.php to the end of your URL.

Once you're on the setup page, choose your desired language, in our case English (United States).

Next we'll be greeted with a page asking if we know details such as our  database name, database username, and password et cetera. We set these  up earlier using MySQL. If you did not make a note of these can be found  at the following address
Click on Let's go! to continue to the next step.

Now we enter our MySQL database name, username, password and database host details. Leave the Table Prefix as wp_. Once you have entered your details correctly click on "submit".

Now, if you get a "error establishing a database connection" message and are 100% positive you have entered the correct details, don't worry. When you create a MySQL database with 000webhost it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours for it to actually register on 000webhost system. This can be annoying and I presume this is only an issue with their free web hosting, rather than their paid packages. This is why I recommend you create MySQL database before you upload any files as it gives it time to become active. If you're still getting this message after several hours, I suggest you create a new database and retry.

Once WordPress has successfully connected to your database, you can then "Run the install" where you can set up WordPress.

The final step is to choose your site name, username, password and email. This can be anything you like and has nothing to do with MySQL details. Make sure you use a working email, as you may need this if you forget your password. Once you have entered all the details, click on "Install WordPress" and then that's basically it. WordPress should be installed correctly and you now can start building your blog or website. If you want to change your username and password afterwards, you can do so within the WordPress control panel.

To log into your WordPress blog, you need to enter your domain name followed by /wp-login.php
For example -
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