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How to Listen to and Download Music from Myzuka (formerly, and is a massive Russian music site where you can listen to and download music for free. They have pretty much every music genre covered from cheesy pop, to heavy metal and even classical.

Unfortunately, not only is the site in Russian, but it also prevents those living outside of Russia from downloading or listening to music on its site. This wasn't always the case as you could freely use the site, regardless of where you lived in the world, but they've obviously decided to change the rules.

However, there is a very simple way around this using a free proxy. The proxy we will be using for this is called "Hola" which is a simple browser add-on, and is available for most common browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, et cetera.

Update: Myzuka doesn't appear to block users from the UK or other countries outside of Russia from the site any more. However, I cannot confirm whether all countries have access to the site, or whether it's limited. If you find that you cannot access the site then this guide should still work.
Download Hola Unblocker
The easiest method to install Hola is by adding it as a add-on to your browser, rather than downloading it for windows. I recommend you use either Firefox or Chrome for this. Both are available as a free download, in case you don't have them on your computer already. In this guide we will be using Firefox.

Simply head over to the Hola website and scroll down roughly halfway until you see the option to add Hola as a add-on to your desired web browser.

Once you've done that you should get a message asking you you if you want to install the add-on to your browser. Click "Allow" to install.

You may need to restart your browser to complete the installation. If the installation fails, it may be because the Hola servers are down. If that's the case, retry in a few days.

The good thing about Hola web proxy is that not only is it reasonably fast, meaning you don't have to wait ages for downloads, but it also gives you a huge list of countries to choose from, including Russia, which is very important, as I will show you.

Okay, so now you have Hola installed, you want to head over to to sample some music. What you'll probably notice as soon as you visit the site is a big X next to the songs which are being displayed. This means that you cannot download or even listen to them.

This is where Hola Unblocker comes in. Simply click on the icon which is shaped like a flame with a smiley face and select a country. In this case, you'll need Russia, which has a white, blue and red flag. The icon will be located on your web browser's toolbar, usually towards the top right-hand corner.

If Hola Unblocker has connect successfully click "Oh yes!" and if it didn't select "No, fix it" until it does.

The good thing about Hola Unblocker is that it remembers what site you need to use a proxy on. For example, it will remember you need a Russian proxy for, but will not use a proxy on other sites you visit.

Once you are connected to a Russian proxy go back to and refresh the page. You should after refreshing the page see that the big X's have been replaced by a "play" symbol, which means you can now either listen to or download that particular track. You may have to refresh the page several times before this happens.

Obviously, since the site is in Russian, it's not that easy to navigate for those who do not understand or speak the language, but is not to difficult to figure out how to download or listen to music on the site. To listen to a music track simply click on the large "play" button, or to download, click on the name of the track and click on the red box.

You will be given the option to save the track onto your computer, usually in your music folder. Download normally takes 20 to 30 seconds for most tracks, depending on the proxy speed.

There's usually a limit on how much you can download before the site prevents you from downloading any more music tracks unless you sign up and become a paid customer presumably. However, simply clear your browser history via your browser's menu and click on the Hola icon and select "No, Change It" which will make it go through the process of issuing you with a new proxy IP, and allow you to continue as if you were a new user.
Can I Disable and Re-enable Hola Unblocker?
Yes, absolutely. If you only want to use Hola Unblocker to access sites such as Myzuka, then you can easily disable and re-enable the add-on in just a few seconds. To do this in Firefox, simply select "open menu" which is located in the top right-hand corner and looks like 3 dashes. From there, select "add-ons".

Once you reach the add-on page, simply find Hola Unblocker and select disable to disable the program and click re-enable to activate the program again. If you click "remove" you will have to download and install the program again.

If you're using Google Chrome, the process is pretty much the same. Click on the "Customise and control Google Chrome" icon in the top right-hand corner and select "settings". You should then see "extensions" displayed in the left-hand side toolbar. Select "extensions" and find Hola Unblocker and simply tick or un-tick the box to enable or disable.
Can I Use Any Proxy to Access Myzuka?
Yes, providing it gives you a Russian location. Unfortunately, many free proxies are limited in terms of location and usually only provide a handful of countries. That's why Hola Unblocker is so good not just because it's free, but because it gives you a huge list of countries to choose from with good download speeds.
Is Myzuka legal to use?
Not all countries have copyright laws and Russia has long provided music sites from which you could download music completely free. This isn't a torrent or peer-to-peer file sharing site with users sharing files from a personal computer, but everything is stored on Myzuka servers and downloaded directly from there. Obviously, if you do live in a country where music copyright laws exist, then the music you sample or download is done at your own risk. I encourage anybody who uses this site to only sample the music and then buy it from an official source, if you like it.
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