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How to Remove All That Unwanted Computer Junk with PC Decrapifier

Have you recently purchased a new PC only to find that your new machine has many unwanted applications preinstalled. Some PC manufacturers are worse than others when it comes to this issue.

Fortunately, there is a handy piece of software that helps you clean up your PC, and one of the best for this task is PC Decrapifier.

This is necessary not just a problem with new PCs, but old PCs can also be full of junk that you have not cleared. By removing these unwanted programs you can make your make your PC considerably faster by freeing up hard drive space and preventing these from running in the background.
How does PC Decrapifier work?
PC Decrapifier is very easy to use. The program scans your PC, and you get a list of programs you might want to remove. Nothing is removed, before you agree to this. The program provides you with a list of software that you may want to remove, that can be found at –

During the installation process you will see a window informing you that your computer is being scanned for software.

By pressing the "Analyze" button it will continue with the installation of PC Decrapifier. This process can take a few minutes or longer, depending on how many programs you have installed on your PC. Eventually you will see a window with a list of programs that may be removed.

This window has three tabs:

  • Recommended are programs that it recommends you remove.
  • Questionable are programs that have not been analyzed.
  • Everything Else is a list of all applications installed on your PC. Here you should be careful to not remove anything you may come to regret.

If you find anything you want to remove, select the appropriate application in PC Decrapifier window and select "Remove Selected". You will then have a new window with a list of applications you selected, and you can press the "Begin Removal Now," to confirm the removal of the relevant programs. Finally, you get a window confirming the removal.
PC Decrapifier can be downloaded for free from

There is also a Pro version of PC Decrapifier, and it costs US$25. The Pro version has an additional features in the application window, which enables you to save your favorite programs.
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