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How to Use Social Networking Site Twitter

Since its launch, Twitter has become a huge success, which has attracted millions of users, including celebrities and big companies who announce their plans, or just engage with fans and potential customers.

Though the site doesn't have as many features as other social media sites such as Facebook, it still retains a huge popularity that goes from strength to strength.

On this page you'll find basic information about Twitter, plus many tips and tricks. You will find, amongst many things tips on useful tools that can make your Twitter experience a more pleasurable one.

Twitter is commonly used via your web browser, but here you will find tips and software that is designed for Twitter, and provides more opportunities and configurations.
What is Twitter?
Twitter is a so-called micro-blogging social networking service, which is used to publish short messages of a maximum 140 characters. Twitter is still growing strongly - the summer of 2011 the site had over 200 million users, a figure that rose to 500 million in 2012, according to several sources.
Commonly used words on Twitter

These are some of the keywords used on Twitter which are useful to know:

  • Tweet: To send a Twitter message.
  • Retweet: A Twitter message originally sent out by another user, but that is forwarded to you (or another Twitter user).
  • Tweets: A number Twitter messages sent by a particular Twitter user.
  • Following: Number twitter users who you follow.
  • Followers: The number of users who follow you.
  • Listed: Number of users who follow another Twitter user.
Symbols used on Twitter
Various symbols are used on Twitter:

# "Hashtag" is used to mark keywords in tweets. If you put # in front of the words (example #UnitedKingdom), the current word will be a link that can be searched when you click on it.

@ "At sign" is used to make it easier to find information about a Twitter user. A word with the @ front becomes a link that goes to the user's Twitter profile, if you click on the word.
Advanced search tools provides several search options. Here you will find other search words, phrases or hashtags. You can also define the language for a particular search, and specific Twitter users.
Analyses the effect of your tweets

You can use to analyze the reactions of your tweets. You can do things like watch how others react to your tweets, number of users who see your tweets, and which tweets are popular - you get a higher so-called "Engagement rate" if many users retweet, your reply, or react to your tweets in other ways.
Twitter Analytics can partly be used to find Twitter users interested a specific topic. It also allows you to analyze your Twitter followers.
SocialBro is a tool for those who want to use Twitter marketing. This tool helps you to get more information about your market, so you can optimize it. SocialBro provides information about when it is best to send tweets.

You can also use SocialBro to find the right Twitter followers.

You can find a list of all the features on

SocialBro is available in different editions - free version is somewhat limited compared to the paid versions.
Untweeps makes it easier to clean up your followers. Use this program to find followers who are more or less inactive on Twitter.
Twitter Trends
These services can be useful to identify trends on Twitter, and other social sites:

  • Site gives you an overview of what's popular on the Internet right now.
  • Site provides an overview of hashtags in different parts of the world.
  • On you can find trends on social media.
  • With you can search for words on Twitter accounts, like finding out how many Twitter accounts look at your keywords.
How to get more followers
Unless you're a celebrity, you probably won't have a lot of Twitter followers, unless you do something worth following. Here will give you some tips.

  • You can get followers by inviting friends, family and work colleagues.
  • Be an active user by regularly sending tweets.
  • Send tweets that are useful, interesting and fun.
  • Customizing your Twitter profile.
  • Use hashtags in your tweets.
  • Follow others and in turn they may follow you.

If you are really desperate, it is possible to buy Twitter followers. However, this is not something we recommend - this method will increases the number of followers only, but these are not real people. In addition, you risk your Twitter account being closed, if detected.

Twitter has placed a 2001 following limit, which means when you hit it you can not follow any more Twitter users. To remove this limit Twitter requires you to hit the magic number of 1816 users following you.
Malicious messages
Be careful with messages you receive via "Direct messages" - this is basically a personal messages sent to you directly. The problem is that such messages may be virus. You should simply ignore such messages.
Spam in "Notifications"
If you've used Twitter for a while, you've probably experienced some another Twitter user mentioning your Twitter username in a message that appears in the Notifications menu. This menu shows the history surrounding the activities of others who saves your tweet as a favorite, or if someone has re-tweeted your tweet.

The problem arises when someone leaves your Twitter username in their own Twitter message, a message that really has nothing to do with you. This type of action is nothing but spam and can be annoying. It is not necessarily easy to delete these messages, because you can basically just delete messages that are your own.

There is a "trick" to get rid of this rubbish, and it is to click on the Twitter username of the person who sends the message, and click the drop down menu on the left side of the "Follow" (do not click on the "Follow" button). From the menu you can select "Block or Report", and then select Block to block that user.
Twitter Software
It's fine to use Twitter directly in your web browser, however, if you want a more flexible interface, and more opportunities, there are special programs for Twitter. Here you get an overview of some of these:

  • Tweetdeck provides several configuration options. You can divide the interface in multiple columns, if you want. It is also possible to use multiple Twitter accounts in the same program.
  • Janette is an app which is one of the most flexible on the market, when it comes to configuration of the interface. You can select multiple columns, support for multiple Twitter accounts, the possibility of choosing the topic, the choice of fonts, background images, various alerts, autocomplete and shortcuts, just to name a few.
  • Echofon is a fast app that includes synchronization of unread tweets between different devices. This app is designed for viewing pictures and videos.
Extensions for browsers
There are many extensions for browsers, which can optimize your Twitter experience. These are some examples:

  • Shareaholic is an extension for Firefox that makes it easier to share links on social services.
  • Twitter App is an extension for Firefox that gives the browser a separate Twitter tools menu.
  • Silver Bird is an extension for Chrome that provides a better Twitter experience.
  • TweetDeck by Twitter is an extension for Chrome that provides an interface that is adapted for Twitter usage.

If you have any tips or tricks how to get a better Twitter user experience, please contact us through our contact page and we will be glad to add the information to this webpage.
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