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How to Stop Ad Blockers from Blocking Ads

It's probably fair to say that ad blockers such as AdBlock and Adblock Plus are not too popular amongst Webmasters and big organisations because it can impact their revenue that would otherwise be provided by the ads that are being blocked.

Some Webmasters have installed a script on their website that will detect ad blocking software and politely ask users to disable it. Others have gone even further by either completely blocking users or asking them to pay a small fee to access a ad free version of their website.

I myself am a massive fan of ad blockers such as Ad Block Plus, which can be installed on most common browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome. They can make surfing the Internet safer and of course block lots of intrusive and over the top ads that some websites run.

Naturally, I encourage users of ad blocking software to disable ad blocking software on useful and safe sites that they use regularly, especially those run by small independent Webmasters.

As a Webmaster myself ad blocking software doesn't really bother me as there are far greater dangers out there for Webmasters, such as Google, who could easily hit you with a penalty or ban your website in a split second if they felt you weren't playing by the rules.

If you're a Webmaster, you should also take into account that many ad blocking software program such as AdBlock and Adblock Plus have a so-called nonintrusive advertising list, where many of the biggest companies who run ad program such as Google and Amazon don't automatically get blocked, though, the ad block user is free to turn this feature off.
How to Bypass Ad Blockers
If you're using an affiliate program and think or know for sure that you are missing out on a lot of revenue because of ad blocking software, then there is quite a simple method that allows you to have your ads displayed no matter what. This method will only work with affiliate programs such as Amazon or eBay, et cetera. If you're using Google AdSense, then this method cannot be used because you cannot modify the code.

If you're familiar with the Amazon or eBay affiliate program, you either have the option to place predesigned banners on your website or directly link to products or pages. Predesigned banners will get blocked by ad blocking software, but directly linking to pages or products by inserting your affiliate code into a piece of highlighted text won't. Obviously, having a piece of text on your website saying "buy this product" doesn't quite have the same effect as a nice flashy banner.
Time to Make Your Own Banner
When it comes to actually making your own Banner I can't offer you too much advice. I've personally used Serif DrawPlus X8 to make mine, but the software isn't free, nor is it particularly easy to use. However, if you do a Google search for "make a website banner" there should be plenty of options to get you started.

The good thing about making your own Banner is that you can make it any size, and it can reflect any subject, such as books, computers or exercise equipment. And if you make a really good and attractive banner, it may even increase your ad revenue.

Once you've made your banner, you naturally save it as an image, such as a JPEG. You then insert that image into your website and then link your affiliate code to that image, which will then redirect visitors to the particular page, you're promoting. For example, you could link to a laptop page on eBay or Amazon, et cetera.

Below you can see an example of a banner I've created that links to my Amazon affiliate account.

As you can see its a lot more eye-catching than the bulk standard pre-made banners that Amazon offer you. Plus, because I can make it any custom size I want it fits perfectly with my website layout.

When you make your banner, make sure that it's factual, not misleading. For example, don't go claiming that there is 75% of all products for a limited time. This could violate the terms and conditions of the affiliate program you are using. Also make sure you don't use any trademark logo's on the banner, even if you modify them. Companies don't want you putting their logo on things that they haven't created.

It's always best to double check that you are allowed to create your own banner with your affiliate program before you start linking your account. It generally shouldn't be a problem as long as your banner is factual, contains no trademark infringements and directs people to the appropriate page or product that it's promoting.

I've made a small selection of custom-made banners which you can download and use on your own website at the following page.

Cloak Those Affiliate Links to Be on the Safe Side
I've personally had no problems using the Amazon and eBay affiliate program when it comes to adding their affiliate code into a piece of text, image or banner on my website. I can't say whether every affiliate program will behave the same, or whether it will or won't get blocked by ad blocking software.

If you do find that your affiliate code which has been inserted into a piece of text or banner is getting blocked, then you can cloak your affiliate code so ad blockers can't see it. You should always check with your affiliate program whether you are allowed to cloak and redirect your affiliate links.

You can find a guide on how to cloak your links on a normal HTML website at the following page. If you need to do it on blogs such as WordPress, then please do an Internet search.

Remember to always be responsible when placing ads on your website. Web searches do not want to be bombarded with ads and are much more likely to bookmark and return to a site if it provides a clean and useful experience.
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