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Which Browsers Are Compatible with Your Website?

The Viral Tech website supports most browsers for PC and Mac.
We recommend that you always use the latest version offered by your chosen developer. This ensures that our website loads quickly, and you always have the most up-to-date security settings. If you are using an older browser, it may result in the website being displayed incorrectly or certain functions from not functioning properly.
Recommended Browsers

Below is a list of our supported Internet browsers, and where you can download them free of charge.
Operating system
Recommended browsers
If you have trouble using our website or individual parts of our website, please check whether you are using the latest version of the recommended browsers.

For browsers that we do not support or may not work 100% correctly include:

  • Netscape
  • Firefox 1.x, 2.x or 3.x on all platforms (we recommend using the latest version)
  • Microsoft IE8 and earlier versions for Windows
  • Microsoft IE for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X
  • Microsoft WebTV, MSN TV, or MSN TV2
  • Safari 4.1x and earlier for Mac OS X
  • AOL for Mac OS 9 (all versions)

Please note: Our website may not work correctly on some small mobile devices such as smartphones. If you're having issues with the website and believe it is not related to your browser, please contact us so we can investigate and rectify the problem.
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