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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Desktop Computer

Though portable devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones are far more popular than the desktop PC, a desktop PC has many advantages when it comes to raw performance, upgradability and cost over these devices.

Great things continue to happen in the technology world. We constantly get new processors and graphics cards, and laptops and tablets are getting slimmer and lighter.

For many, the natural question is which one to choose. But we must also remember that desktop computers have their natural place in the home. Old-fashioned desktop PC are in fact fair superior to the average laptop PC in a number of areas:
1. You get more power
If raw computing power is important to you, a desktop computer is a must. Heavy computer processing requires a lot of power and excellent cooling properties, and that's where laptops often fail as they are designed to be energy efficient.

There are of course laptops that are designed to perform on heavier tasks such as gaming and 3D modeling, but a bulky 17-inch laptop isn't that portable nor will it last very long on its battery power.
2. Good performance cost less
As previously pointed out, you get far more computing power for your money in a desktop than a laptop. For example, a £500 laptop will be perfectly fine for browsing the Internet and running light and medium programs, but when it comes to playing high demanding games or performing smooth and fast video editing, these machines will really struggle, or even be totally useless. A desktop PC, on the other hand, will come with a much better processor, a dedicated graphics card, and even more RAM for the same kind of money.
3. They are more robust
Okay laptops themselves are pretty robust, but remember, because they are portable they are also easy to drop and break. Desktop PCs have the safety of being sat in a permanent place on a desk or cabinet, where they are unlikely to receive accidental damage.
4. Monitor, keyboard and mouse of your choice
The touchpad on a laptop isn't the most comfortable or easiest device to use, and certainly isn't intended for long use. You can of course connect a keyboard and a mouse to a laptop computer, but that will restrict its portability and mean you have to use it on a desk or table, just like a desktop PC. You are also limited to the size and quality of the display on your laptop, as this is connect to the machine and cannot be changed. With a desktop PC, you can choose the monitor, keyboard and mouse that suits your needs.
5. Select the hardware components you want
With a laptop computer, it is the manufacturer who essentially decides what goes inside the machine. With a desktop PC, you can have a custom-made machine built or choose each individual hardware component yourself.

In addition, you are free to play around with your hardware. You can for example experiment with overclocking, or have fun with water cooling.
6. Easier to upgrade
If you need more computing power, you will in most cases be able to easily upgrade your desktop computer without disassembling the machine. Processor and graphics card can be replaced, and larger hard drives can be fitted easily.

With a laptop you are usually limited to just replacing/upgrading the memory and hard drive. Things like the processor and graphics card cannot be changed, and on some thin models, you cannot change or upgrade anything.
7. Plenty of storage space
In this day and age, a single PC game can require 50 GB or more of storage space on your hard drive. Should your hard drive or SSD become full, you can easily expand the storage capacity by installing a second drive, so you have two in total. A laptop can only accommodate a single 2.5-inch disk. Of course you can connect an external hard drive to a laptop, but that will again restrict its portability.
8. Easier to repair and clean
If any component in your desktop PC fails, it is a lot easier to replace the defective component with a new one. If components like the keyboard, mouse or web cam fail you can simply replace them with a new one. With a laptop everything is integrated, which means you will have to send your laptop to an expert to be repaired.

It's also a bonus that a desktop PC can easily be opened, which means cleaning the internal components is a breeze. On a laptop, access to the innards is limited, and almost impossible to clean.
9. Less likely to be stolen
If you carry your laptop around with you, and use it in public places or even in the workplace, you could easily be a victim of theft. The same could be said if you are also a victim of a burglary as the criminals are more likely to target a laptop than a desktop PC. A laptop is easy to carry, conceal and sell, while a desktop PC isn't.
10. More comfortable during prolonged use
Laptops can virtually be used anywhere, such as on the sofa or even in bed, but if you have hours of work to complete, they soon become extremely uncomfortable to use. Desktop PCs are much more suited to prolonged use as you get to sit upright in a comfy chair at a desk and as previously stated in this article, you can choose a mouse and keyboard that you feel most comfortable with.
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