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Perhaps you have heard of WordPress, but what exactly is it? In its simplest form, WordPress enables you to create blogs/websites and runs directly in your web browser.

WordPress can be used to create small or large sites that can be personalize according to your wishes. WordPress creates websites using PHP files, but you do not need to know anything about programming or coding, unless you want to arrange WordPress according to your wishes.

WordPress comes in two editions: WordPress.com runs directly in the browser and requires no installation, while WordPress.org can be installed on your web server, your own PC, or on any storage device.

A website (or blog) that is made with WordPress is a dynamic page, as opposed to an HTML page that is static. PHP-tags are used to collect data from a MySQL database, and thus allows readers to comment on your site in real time.

WordPress was launched in 2003 and was originally designed as a blog tool, but has gradually been developed to be able to make any kind of website thanks to thousands of plug-ins.
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